Are we entering into a new dimension/New earth? (Poll)

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  • Yes - The earth is going onto its next incarnation as a 5th dimensional being, and we have the option of tagging a ride.
  • No - You need help for even entertaining this thought.
  • Maybe - Ive read some stuff which tells me yeah but im not sure
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Yep. Idk what dimension though lolz :D That's for it to decide je suppose ^.^
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my information has always been not so much 'yes this is absolutely gonna happen' but to proceed as if this is about to happen, live my life as if it were so.
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Hard to say... I hope so... This reality we live in now is unstastainable, if things don't change, I fear what the future may bring for our children... In my faith, love will prevail, and light will illuminate the darkness
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