Whats Your Zodiac Sign

There's always a sign somewhere, whether it be in a dream or a vision.
" wrote:Hahaha yeah so was I. Lol. I was in denial. I was really close to being sag moon so I said to my self I was a sag moon. Lol

lmfao!!!! I ignored it for a while, I was like, you know what, fuck that, I already got my sag tattoo, and sag is my sun sign anyhow. lol. That's so funny, we both had a typical sag response to it xD
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" wrote:Haha, for a while I was kinda bummed out I had the scorpio in me, but you put it very well! Now I kinda like it! Never thought of it like that. Thanks! :cool:

Oh, it's a wonderful thing! ;-) Welcome to the *other* side
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" wrote:Hehe, wow, someone needs a pack of condoms for christmas. Passion isn't only about sex, I meant passion for life. Putting love and your all into everything you do.

I know *wink* I was playing with you.

Yeah...he needs something. It's crazy and he's raising the last two alone (mom's a former meth addict with a new one year old w/another guy in Illinois) and they haven't seen their mother for almost two years.

My husband is like that with his photography. I'm like that with being. :)
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Scorpio. Sometimes I feel like two people. Not in a pathological way, but I can be very extreme, and easily switch from one to the other. It's really frustrating. I feel like I'm all over the place.
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sagittarius i dont remember well but i believe my rising is geminis and my moon is on pisces...yeah i dont like the pisces part much though hahahaha hehe but i love me sign =)
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Cancer, with Scorpio rising and Pisces moon - triple water :D

cerise333, I understand your feelings about Pisces moon - difficult to deal with, too sensitive, if not careful, leaves me in peaces :D
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I am back a few pages as a Sagitarius - triple fire sign. But wondering if everyone who is sharing is able to see their birthday on the calendar page.
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um idk my birth sign doesn't fit me so i choose to go with out one
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Earth - material resources, environment and possessions
Cardinal - initiation and creativity
Domicile - Saturn
Exile - Moon
Exaltation - Mars
Fall - Jupiter and Neptune
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Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, with Aries rising.

Fire Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, lol.

Astrology can be a useful tool. I think that its usefulness depends on one's depth of understanding of astrology, as well as one's capacity to analyze and work symbolically relating to one's 'self expression'/character/tendencies.
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libra/virgo cusp
aquarius risin:)
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Sun in 25 Degrees Pisces,
Rising Sign in 15 Degrees Taurus,
Moon in 12 Degrees Capricorn,
Mercury in 12 Degrees Pisces,
Venus in 19 Degrees Aries,
Mars in 13 Degrees Cancer,
Jupiter in 11 Degrees Libra,
Saturn in 25 Degrees Aquarius,
Uranus in 21 Degrees Capricorn,
Neptune in 20 Degrees Capricorn,
Pluto in 25 Degrees Scorpio,
and N. Node is in 16 Degrees Sagittarius.

There. I've layed down all my cards. Anyone else care to put in their own interpretation?
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It is a bit complicated: I am a nearly Aquarius. Some astrologers see it as the last Capricorn or the first Aquarius with an ascendent Aquarius, walking now through the Age of Aquarius.
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i,m the emotional fish, the Piecies
sean keyes
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Year of the Ox
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" wrote:i,m the emotional fish, the Piecies

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i'm a sag sun with a cancer moon...thats an odd combo.
scorpio rising and then a lot of air- libra and aquarius (venus and jupiter) and a lot more sag (merc neptune and n node)
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Sun - Aquarius
Moon - Aries
Chiron - Taurus
True Node - Gemini
and my planets are in Scorpio and Capricorn.
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my sun is in aries! also i think capricorn is my ascendant sign so im also hardworking and double hardheaded! you'll know this was coming but aries are the best! i mean come on theres a reason why we start off as number one in the zodiac! we make the best leaders too but were quick to temper haha a lot of my friends happen to be ariess so we all get along great but our heads are so big they can barely all fit in one room haha
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