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when it comes to all feelings that you feel, be with them as they dawn in your awareness, just as they are, just the way you are, and that includes all thought as well.
with making choicesi n life throughout the unknown, when you dont know what choice to make , make the choice to simply be as you are in the here now with all that you are feeling and all that you are surrounded by, this includes the challenges that life has for you to go through. when faced with the fact that you feel and see that you feel that you know, and simultaneously do not know, be with that as it is, and you will transform that which you are unaware of into awareness simply by acknowledging it.
when it comes to meditation, sit with your spine upright but not arched backwards, with your head like that of a peacock and with the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth just before your teeth, with your eyes open , and breathe deeply, when you notice your shoulders being tense, be with them as they are and continue on, alternatively, you can also get as comfortable as you possibly can, and that is the asana for you in the here now, it may change in the here now when you get uncomfortable, so you to get comfortable, however, it is a wise decision to be with your feelings of feeling uncomfortable because , this will assist you in being who you really are, the brave, courageous, vulnerable in order to learn enlightened soul that you are.

again all feelings , and thought, be with them as they are. even when you feel the arising desire to change the experience, be with that as it is as well, whaetever arises within you, and whatever you feel moving across your skin, be with it as it is, in this you will begin to truly love yourself as the loev you are, and creation will move through you and express the love that you are with the all, and you will grow by leaps and bounds. in this process you will undergo breakdowns, feelings of loss, grieving, suffering.
this is natural , be with it as it is and you will learn from these feelings for they are there to assist you.

know that any attempt that arises within you that is one of the desire to keep all life positive or change any aspect of that which you perceive it to be unperfect or flawed in any way, again be with it as it is completely and you notice yourself not only going through suffering but integrating the awareness that is continuously dawning within you , from the subtle to the obvious, feel free to look into any of that which you see, that is also an acknowledgement and your willingness to learn unconditionally, and in turn it is the process of self gnosis. the desire to control the outcome of any situation or even attain spiritual enlightenment is your ego, this is just the way it is, and its a natural process of remembering that we are here to learn about the love we are in order to become awake, self realized. certain desires that you once had will fall away and be replaced by new desires which will in turn uplift you further and assist you in raising your vibrational frequency thus your conscious awareness effortlessly.

please note, analyzing and interpreting the experience and not getting it , is you not being present within your heart, but being present within your unconsciousness, thus youre inability to not understand what is happening. when you are willing to be with the love you are regardless of whati t feels like and what happens around you because of this instinctual desire to awaken from the dream state of living life in an illusion that is actually a delusion, you will awaken step by step, insight by insight. do not discount your experience, but also have an unbiased approach to all life, in that you will have a biased perception but the perception that you will receive is one based in true love, it is a biased, unbiased perception where in the truth of the experience has thus far been solidified within your awareness, and your unbiased approach, which is an absolute willingness to learn from all life both within and from others, will be the exact experience of what it means to live the enlightened life.

please note that ultimately it is creation that governs all life through its love of itself and thus its love for you and all others, and its decrees or laws are ones that dictate who is to awaken and who is to not awaken in this lifetime. this is by mutual agreement whether you are aware of it or not. the decrees, laws, or dictations of creation are that which benefit the all equally.

you will also notice throughout your processes of becoming self realized and living the enlightened life that you will still be challenged, and in these challenges you will learn about all. you will also be truly humbled, not your ignorances view of what it means to be humble, but you will have absolutely no problems with life whatsoever. you will know what choices have to be made, but you will only know what choices have to be made in the here now, you will not know what choices have to be made in the future, but you will know what is inevitably taking place from being present within the love you are which is not only one but also equal and similiarly multidimensionally uniquely shared with all life everywhere through lifes very existence of life existing through itself. this is where all life originates. you will see life as it is once again. in this you will truly ;learn to live. you CAN plan in the unknown, but be aware of what it is that you are planning to choose to experience, some of them may be of the pitfall of self delusion, this again is a great teacher for it will show you how aligned to the truth you actually are. this is why its okay to ask questions when you have no idea. being honest with yourself is the best policy. you will also experience feelings that are completely indescribable and in that you will also see how important pain/suffering/ignorance/unconsciousness actually is. you will see through yourself, and in turn you will see through the all. you will also feel immense joy peace bliss, contentment in the experience as well, the contentment with life as it is, is the indictator that you are being present within the love that you are.

love you beyond measure,
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