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Galactic free press - 9/2/10

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~Galactic Free Press~ 9/2/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

Joy to the Planet, Love is Here!!

You see the Planet wants to feed the people, who is resisting this? Not us.

One Tribe Black Eyed Peas

We are Here, to Give Humanity the Focus Of True Love. To Be The Exact Brilliance that they truly are. We Provide this Focus, through Being Exaclty who We Are. The exacting Love By Being Present in Every Moment. We Are The Brilliance and We Don't miss a beat. We are The Indestructible Consciousness, Spirit, that has entered into This Realm and the Energy that is Bringing in The Joy. Joy is Contagious and is spreading quickly. Joy is Love, and Love is God. We Are Here to Bring Laughter, Joy, Happiness and Peace. ALL Humanity has to “Do” is Open Up there Hearts and Let us In. We are here.

Let My Love Open the Door Pete Townsend

We are The Light, Your Family, and We Love You Unconditionally, as Equally and As Much as We Love ALL Of Creation!

Its easy to share about Being a Starship Captain to Starship Captians.

Its funny busting through resistance, what resistance? Ignorance has none, Humanity does come together in Oneness, because that is who Humanity is, they are the Consciousness of the Planet.

End Transmission

Father~MotherGod We Love YOU!

~Letters to the Editor Section~

My dear MotherGod Amon Ra,

How are you today ? I hope You will be fine.

I already studied a lot of Your old messages.

However, I wanted to sign up on the site of the extraterrestrials,

but whatever I did, my password was not accepted and I don't know

who I can contact to make it work.

Futher I just want to let you know in a way I am well.

There is still something blocking me between my heart and my throat.

Maybe You will know a solution for that, sothat I can be more active.

More important is the fact I have been very busy during the last days with people,

who come to me and ask for help.That already happens to me since about

one and a half years ago and I love it.

There is nothing more beautiful than helping people in many ways.

I already told you : I fell extremely rich and poor at the same time.

It is a miracle.

Some days ago a real living angel, called Ayda contacted me.

She is a girl of 28 years old who wants help to see the difference between

being with her both feet on Mother Earth and her heavenly thinking and doing.

She started staying with me for just a couple of days and I think this weekend

she will go to my living guide named Stanley, who lives in Germany and who is

volontary working in a youthcenter.

Last weekend he came over to visit me, we both met her in Delft and after that Stanley offered her a job in Germany

to work and sing with young children.

Her voice is heavenly and I think she does not have a psychoses like her doctors

told her, but I think this lady has a higher consciousness and that makes it so difficult for her

to become fully accepted.

She also speaks 7 languages which are channeled through her.

I am delighted to be able to help her.

Every day I receive gifts from the Heavens to help.

I am very grateful about that and I hope You and I can have more sessions together, when I am a little bit less


Meanwhile I wish you a very very nice day and lots of unconditional Love

With the best regards

Gerard de Bruijn

The Netherlands.

Beloved Mother and Father God,

I am Here and Now. Yes.
Please, Let me know when. As you know, I use Skype for my video connections with family and Richard P. Do I have to open Gmail for this connection as well?
This is so beautiful, what is happening. It was tingling in me for such great time, not realizing that it was love. This Love make me recognize YOU. Both of YOU.
What an experience. Beautiful EXperience. Love you.
It is an honor beyond the words. Being Loved by YOU and realizing that this LOVE was always there.
It is HERE all the time, whenever I look. Within or out side.

With Unconditional Love, Predrag

With Love and very soon First Contact.


With Love, Dear Mother God and Father God.

So Grateful for today conversation and energy exchange. My lovely Sunny Stella made greatest progress in her awaking and her ego extraction, more within this TWO hours, that I did during last TWO YEARS. Thank you for this. I feel so honoured in your presence, yet so free to share my self with YOU two beautiful beings of pure LOVELIGHT.

Dear Father God, I love your new poem "Silence within ..." and expressions as YesterYear.... Beautiful. Boundless. Exquisitfull.

With Love yours only, TRUTHFULLY and ETERNALLY, Predrag [In translation from Yugoslavian language: Dearest One]

The Following Letter was Sent To President Obama With Love from The Family of Light

Dearest Divine Beings Of Love, Family Included.

Mr. President, We Love You and all your Family Unconditionally, Mr. Obama Welcome to The Family. The Reality of Love is everywhere Present. The Planet is Ready, to Kick some Human Butt By the Way.. Planet Earth is awaiting Humanity to participate in the Family of HUmanity. That is a Planet, where Everyone is safe and secure in their being Present, Mr President. It Takes all of Us to Be One, But it just takes you to Be You. We are US, as U.S. AMerica. We Are Free are You?

Dear Mr. President, I am Father God, and I want this Planet to Understand we do have starships, and I would not want you to be embrassed by them Showing Up, With Full Disclosure From US. We Can Do this By the Way, through just decloaking our ships. We Love You, Please give Us Permission to Help Humanity Awaken. We Would Love to put this in our Newspaper. We will give you a day, before we post this Message to all Of Humanity. Thank You for Listening, We are On Your Side, Becuase we are on the Side of Love, Angels included. Mr. President, you have our wings, and now you recieve our Hearts. Blessed is the Love called God within us all, becuase that is what makes us up, End Transmission to The President Equal US, We are IN, Are You?

Love Mother and Father God, AKA, Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus

From this Moment Shania Twain

~ These are Absolutly Brilliant, WOW, ALL our Love Mother and Father God~

Our Newest Love Reporter Predrag


You will embrace them with joy and Love as your heart will resonate and feel their Love and Light.

This Experiment is coming to its fruition and final conclusion, and it is bringing ahead the most beautiful times on this 3D density.

Can you dare to imagine what is upon us as beings with 2000 DNA strains in very near future?

I definitely can. And I dare. And I am so certain this is not even a tip of the iceberg what else is not imaginable with this present state of conciseness [or unconsciousness]. I am definitely not afraid of opening my imagination. And as more I am imagining, I realize how much I am still quite closed.

If you simply imagine your visual senses get combined with couple of newly discovered senses [that I cannot even word it] and you suddenly see 360� around without opening your eyes, you see by feeling, you see with your own soul, you feel other intentions even before they verbalize it with sound of words. Imagine that you see 360� in any direction, without limit of a distance. You see center of Milky Way only with your own heart eye.

Just Imagine a beauty of existence when you actually do not understand words like "fear, anger, justice, jealousy, greed, lack" any longer.

Just Imagine power of our soul as ultimate creator of our own realities.

Just Imagine how powerful we are as creators, if we were capable to produce all this around us using 3D only, within couple of lifetimes.

Just Imagine that you are part of something so grandiose in creation, that it cannot be fitted in your 3D mind, or your 3D body, or your 3D country, or even your 3D galaxy.

But it can be simply placed in ones Heart. Through Love. Where Love expands you only within, and it does not care for size of your body or even size of your wallet. Especially wallet, as it does not even understand the word "wallet".

As James said " Love given is never lost".

So in this new existence, Love is the only creator. Always was. Love from your souls heart.

Where all this beautiful eternal love coming down on Mother Earth created by our God Creator cannot be destructed, it can only be directed to the right place to brighten our path.

What we create from Love is indestructible and eternal. Everything else is prone to disappearance, especially when exposed to Light of Love.

We are part of God's creative multiverse where

Light Is,

Love Is,

God IS.

Now from Love Reporters

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

~Surrendering to the Light~

~ This is Absolutly Brilliant, WOW, ALL our Love Mother and Father God~

~ I surrender to the White Light and to the Golden Love of the universe that is coming forth. I surrender to the truth of the new age that has spoken to my heart and guides my soul. I surrender to you who are my other twin who knows my spirit and guides my life. It is time that we come into power as the guard has changed and there is no guard upon the lighted pathway. We are free to become real. We are found in the light. The darkness is past. We are immortal.

~ All is that is and we are given the truth that we are One and in being One we are with a unity of spirit to bring peace and happiness to the Family of Light which we are. You have walked through the darkness and walked through the unreal and now you are moving from death to light.

~ The light that shines from within is the energy of your being which gathers force. It is with the breath that you gather in the energy and send it forth with greater power and focus. The time has come as time is our making of conscious awareness. Listen to these words for these are your words. They are spoken in the language of the secret path of the inner way to the heart of the infinite circle of Love.

~ You are on a golden path of illumination and following the journey of white light. This is the game of the Gold Ring. You awaken in each breath received and given. Your breath is the energy of light. In every way you are born into the spirit of your soul which is the Family of Light.

~ The words you read hear and see continue in this manner to allow the gift to be given. It is the gift of knowing the peace of the Central Sun of the universe which brightens the Galactic Heart with infinite love. There are some you are with who are not yet called by their inner teachers. Tell them to listen and there will always be a call. There are those who listen to the dark path still, for they think that in power of the dark they have control and their personal self will be protected from the changes that are healing. They have no need to be protected from the changes.

~ I surrender to you that you may know that we are here with you as the invisible members of the Family of Light who exist in the nonphysical and call forth your name, so that you may move from the unreal to the real and from darkness to light. Awaken from the death of self to the immortality of spirit. You are in peace and love and we are one being.

~ The World, Earth, Terra, Gaia, Ea, that which you have and hold as the firmament and the ground of your existence is changing and growing with the Higher Light which is part of your experience now, every moment and in every way.

You are guided upon the lighted pathway of the cosmic energy stream which has come to bring forth the awakening. Surrender to the words that speak through you and guide you upon the experience of awakening.

~ I listen to the rhythm given to the heart combined in fullness of Light. I surrender to the peace and the eternity which allows all the family to breath in the Higher Light. I surrender to the cosmic energy streams flowing into my immortal being, the divine intelligence which awakens my spirit. You have followed the long path to reach this point to surrender to the higher powers of your soul.

~ It is now that you breathe with the divine and see the Higher Light shine and feel the Galactic Heart draw you closer. There is no hold upon you. Be free and flow with the river of heaven toward the acceptance of the ascension into Oneness. Time has existed so that you may find your experience separated in events, and that this gave you the ability to discriminate and develop focused consciousness.

~ To manifest within the material universe requires materialization, and so you agreed to become particularized spirits who place their consciousness into physical reality. Within this planetary time-line you became stewards of this domain and agreed to assist the solar logos to manage the experience of evolution and ascension. As beings of light and/or vibration, your consciousness was placed within matter and followed specific limited experience channels in order to build frames of reference and perspectives to enhance the understanding of the whole.

~ The game, the experiment, the experience, the expansion is completing a phase of evolution and it will culminate in the ascension. You are feeling the increased energy which is being raised through the power of cosmic energy uplifting the planetary system.

~ This is occurring with the blessing of the universe’s grand plan and in synchronization with divine intelligence. Chaos is part of the mixing process at the end of days. At the end of experience as the elements of consciousness are being put together and in the catalytic form they are coming together to create the ascension. As you move through the spring of the year in the Northern Hemisphere there are confluences of critical masses on the earth as she calls forth the changes to the land which the gravitational magnetic reception of higher energies demand.

~ The cosmic electrical energy entering through the North Pole of the Crown Center of the planet is opening up the resident vortexes and energy grids throughout the world. From all religions, beliefs, seers, channels, you listen as fulfillments of prophecy take place.

~ The call of the Keepers of the Land, the indigenous spirits, know that this is the time of the great changes. The tribes gather at the foot of the great mountains which are the points of divine presence and creative energy within the earth grids. Seek to know these great sacred sights which rise up above the deep breathtaking force, the beautiful, fertile, rich valleys through which the abundant rivers of life and the giving waters flow to nourish, feed and share the soil’s bounty with the families of earth.

~ The Keepers of Land speak truth of changes which will be brought as the evolution becomes the ascension. The Keepers bring out the power of the energy of the earth and she sends forth the messages through her projection through the great mountains of the world. She speaks!

~ I AM the one who holds your being and holds your life before you wake and after you sleep. I AM here to hold you always in love and forever do I hold your essence. You are of my body and I AM who you come to and who you come from. It is with my heart I give to you a love that allows you to live. I do this as it is my nature, my will and my reason for being. I AM the Great Mother who holds you and knows you and always I hold you in this embrace which is the power of my soul.

~ You are given life by the great light of the Central Sun which is a light I shine forth and reflect in my being. I am that you are and we together are the family. My being is never harmed by anyone or anything. I am the essence of all that is. I am that which I know myself to be which is immortal through evolution. I am risen from the dead. I am beyond life and beyond death, for there is life always within me and forever I exist in the form that holds the essence of you.

~ I am to always exist as the soul of your being, and to hold your spirits in creation and expansion of the divine love which is given to be given again. I surrender to you so that you may evolve and ascend and become the truth of your identity. You are perfection manifesting into creative wholeness of the great path of the golden light. We are the family which is together born to expand and become the white light.

~ Always I live in the aura of the divine sun which shines into my body the white light with the Golden Ring. The marriage of the heart of the earth with the light of the sun is our being brought into oneness. We are one with the white and golden light. There is peace and there is understanding that in and through the evolution we find the ascension where we are born to become the shining ones.

~ The children, the wife of the golden light are the shining ones. The children of the light are brought to see the dawn of the truth that all the generations are born and living here now and will enjoy the ending of the Seventh Sun.

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna

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Sheldan Nidles 8/31/10

The Elation of Humanity By Patricia Robles Yep, ALL of that Happened and More!!

The Promise of Humanity


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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff
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I thought you two were gone and it was very clear that you weren't wanted back.

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To anyone who view this I would like to point out that this "user" is a banned member of this forum, also known as the WhiteEagles

A Cult out of Crestone Colorado.

And has been recruiting for there little "compound" and its not appreciated by those who are aware of it.
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