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Call me Bluedron «  » by Bluedron
Hello, I am beginning to awaken myself as an indigo. My life was pretty hard in the past and childhood days. Right now there are some big changes going on in my life. I am 16 years old and I have some difficulties with my parents. They are like those people that will not believe on indigos. I sometimes wanted to leave but I have to stay because I have no where else to go. I have some pretty bad parents and they used to treat me really bad. I have a twin and she does not believe on indigos. Sometimes my parents threaten me or use violence to destroy my spirit; and control me. Sometimes I do not like being with my twin because she does not believe on indigos. I am trying to hold on and will hold on. I used to see bad spirits when I was a little kid. English is my second language and I could write things down randomly like right now. It was hard for me on moving in America. I used to rely on my relatives more than my parents because I don't like them. My parents used to fight each other a lot and I used to cry when they fight. They sometimes use violence and sometimes thought why they always get back with each other. I now called my guidance counselor in school and told him almost everything in my past. I sometimes thought that it was bad because my parents are now becoming a person that does not care if they go to jail or not. I am sorry for using sometimes a lot. It's because I'm not quite sure of what is going to happen to me but I kind of know. Right now I have a psychiatrist and I'm new. I'm not sure that she is helping. I felt really different with people around me and I'm changing my ways of thinking. I felt more happier when I'm in my room and I would be happier if I know some other indigos in my area. I live in Pennsylvania and the best thing about it is that it has a lot of trees. If you are reading this please give me some advice or tell me something that I should know. I joined here so that I can talk to indigos. I am a person that is now nicer and different from before. I am trying to be more open minded to things and positive thinking.
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«  » by Indigo Dog
Hi Bluedron,

Welcome to Indigo Society. Thank you for sharing your story.
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«  » by silvercharm
Hi, Bluedron.

Welcome to IS :)

English is not even my second language, i tend to edit my posts to correcting my grammars :p

Are you still living with your parents or now with your relatives?

Dude, maybe it's better for you to be an undercover indigo in your family.
If i'm not mistaken, from your story...your parents abuse you because they don't like your indigo identity and spiritual things.
I live in a country with 88% Muslim, some fanatics people tend to see indigo as negativity, superstitious, satanist, etc.

Well, i hope you're not disappointed because i'm not an indigo. :p
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«  » by Satori
Hey Bluedron,

No need to apologise to me or anyone else, sister. You just be yourself and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. Do what you need to stay safe, and stay with your parents only as long as you have to. Meanwhile, strengthen yourself by meditating, exercising (yoga and related disciplines are particularly good), interacting with this and other communities, asking your guides for advice and so on. Remember that your suffering is teaching you important lessons you will one day need, even if it's just so you can relate to others who have suffered as you are now.

Never give up. The answers you need lie within. In fact, the thing I can really tell you is that I don't need to tell you anything.

You're beautiful just as you are.

Keep on smilin', sister!
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«  » by Grounded Gifts
Hi Bluedron, welcome to IS :) I think everything Satori said is very good advice. Strengthen yourself and accept yourself. The negativity won't last forever. You'll one day make your own way in the world, and will be able to choose with whom you associate. Stay strong. I hope you find lots of answers here and lots of support :)
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