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I came across this today.

[url=""]News article (link)[/url]
[url=""]Project Glass (link)[/url]

Looks pretty cool, yes? Word of the wise, if you have any great ideas or concepts, don't put them on the Internet. Not even the basics.

About two plus years ago, I watched a video oriented towards the future where an interface could be designed to interface with the environment kind of like virtual reality. The concept in the video was very crude and wouldn't really work. I commented on the video about a general concept of making computer glasses, just the bare bones.

I've read about synchronicity, where multiple scientists come up with the same idea at the same time, but only one ends up getting credit. However, it is too much of a coincidence that Google has all of a sudden come out with a group called "Google X", which the very first project is Project Glass. Likewise, anyone with the adequate intellect to come up with the concept of the computer glasses Google has demonstrated wouldn't just have created a mundane bare bones version. Google is most definitely eager to get comments and ideas on the computer glasses because it doesn't know exactly how to develop an invention in its infancy stage when it doesn't have the original imagination that invented it. Obvious leech is obvious. I would wager that corporations are data-mining the Internet for a treasure trove of information i.e. innovation.

Later on I planned, still do, on creating a technologies business with an orientation towards pioneering the path of external human augmentation to counter the Transhumanist ideology rabid about internal human augmentation. These computer glasses are one of the core inventions I plan on creating due to its capabilities of revolutionizing the world on a variety of levels, which it can create a monopoly like how Bill Gates accomplished his. Corporations just up and stealing inventions like this is extraordinarily dangerous on the scale of handing a nuke to a child. It is indeed that dangerous and is how big of an impact some of these inventions can manifest. Imagine being able to artificially induce specific abilities, that we currently call psychic abilities, with devices. That is the future within twenty years.

I'm positive this is not a coincidence, especially since Google has already made it apparent that it is a copycat etc.. Google's invention of Google+ is designed to overtake Facebook and centralize social networking, though it isn't working and won't work because it is missing key components just like the computer glasses. Anyways, it is reassuring to see the general concepts of my inventions and business ideas appear fruitful. However, it is a definite wake up call on investing in a stand alone computer now for my current work and future work.

Just a heads up because the Internet looks more like a trap for innovators.
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I wonder if they could make them for the blind and have it hardwired into the brain so blind people could drive and navigate the

I'm a total nerd, so I would try em.
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[QUOTE=Indigo Dog;935324]I wonder if they could make them for the blind and have it hardwired into the brain so blind people could drive and navigate the

I'm a total nerd, so I would try em.[/QUOTE]

I'm pretty sure it is already being researched in the medical field. How advanced is it? No clue. There isn't much profit in Google pursuing that as it is a different type of technology that would be primarily beneficial to only the blind. I doubt very many people that have decent vision would be willing to swap out their real eyes for artificial ones. The question is whether or not it would be strictly hardwired to the brain, with no way of a signal tapping into it. If it uses any signal, someone could hack your vision and kill you. How? You cross a street with the illusion there is no oncoming traffic, then you get hit by a vehicle. That is one reason why internal human augmentation is bad, because you really are no longer in control of your body i.e. slavery. There is more freedom and it is safer to just take off a pair of glasses than ripping out your bionic eyes.

However, hard-wiring to the brain is crude technology, which you don't have to hard-wire a device to the brain to induce vision. I have a theoretical work around, though it currently isn't possible without the introduction of certain technologies and then merging them. Not sharing how or what technologies for obvious reasons, which I also haven't read it in any science fiction books or elsewhere. Legit.
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