Looking INWARDS to Your Self, You Will Find all the answers you need

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do you have a big problem, relationship issue with significant other or parents? sons, daughters, siblings? best friend, or even enemies? it seems like biggest issue in the world, however, every problem has been solved already and you are only experiencing it in its current form in space-time, however ever 'issue' that could ever be possible has already been infinitely regressed, and if you meditate hard enough, this access is what some refer to as the akashic records, and some will tell you that you are clairvoyant and you have access to the astral, it's all like religion, we are referring to the same idea/concept/essence, so do not let the semantic nature of words fool you as to the essence as to what the written word refers, now look within and stop looking to external soothsayers for advice, the right answer has always been the right answer, so that, if you are here looking for confirmation of a given answer already swirling in ur brain, that is troublesome, because if you hear what you wanna hear, you need to question yourself first, you need to question why you are out just searching for someone to agree with you, then, do the hard question, disagree with yourself, tell yourself you're a lazy piece of crap and you need to get off you're butt and do something with your life, do you really need someone else to tell you that? no. you can write that on your vanity mirror and tell yourself every single day, but you want to be a victim? right? you want at least one other person in this world to feel sorry for you and tell you how much you hurt, and sympathize with the pain you feel, right? but the universe, the cosmos doesn't give a rats patootie about ur pain, about ur hurt, as ur hurt has been infinitely regressed as well and was and is always supposed to have happened this way okay? so please, look inwards first, then you will find all the answers you need.
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