Entitlements for Indigo's???

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Entitlements for Indigo's??? «  » by blustar
Greetings everyone! As most...I was directed to this site via the friggen universe. I had thought a few years back that I may be Indigo, but was mis-directed and forgotten it...I was drawn back today and did some research and tests and found that I fit the mold completely...looking for my tribe can be hard when most are not indigo, now I understand why most of my life (more so as a child) why I always looked differently at people, places and things, out of body experiences as a child was frightening I tell ya. So here I am hoping to connect with like minded/soul people.

Hello!!!! ;) Michele
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«  » by Terra
Hello! Welcome to Indigo Society :o It is always a great day when an indigo finds their way here! I hope you find the answers to your questions, and i hope you have answers for some of the people here too!
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«  » by Grounded Gifts
Hi blustar, welcome and I hope you find the site very useful :)
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