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Have you heard about those government cover ups? What about x, y, z? Yep, it's all in here.
Insight regarding the domestically and foreignly trained terrorist's that claim to not be terrorist's, just highly trained being's who are temporarily upholding the corrupt and hypocritical laws.

So we have program's co created on earth, used on the internet server's via earth's governing institution's. We also have being's who have been psychologically groomed to monitor the information that they're nurtured to pay attention to. Seek out specific post's, keyword's, action's, even potential's and act upon their feeling's of what they feel is happening even when there is no factual data stating so (ignorance) along with there being factual data stating that there are being's conspiring to resolve the corruption and hypocrisy on earth, and simultaneously go against the grain of all ignorance (their own included).

There are also being's on earth who are willing to at all costs until they can no longer can, to play with other being's consciousness' via unlawful loophole's that have been used to temporarily establish the current hypocrisy and corruption we all live with on earth. You can see the stories of these being's behaving in these way's everywhere there is business taking place. Online, newspaper's, you can hear them being talked about in the music industry, you can see their behavior's being acted out in movie's , and always being referred to and addressed everywhere. In order to experience this truth, you first have to be chosen to be awake right now.

Again, these being's who are trained and nurtured to operate and fulfill certain order's that if not fulfilled, they lose all that they have gained materially, until that point. They have to start from scratch either through being threatened to have their life ended here now. and move on gracefully (fear tactics to get you to keep your mouth shut) or starting from scratch after you've been shot in the face or hung, drawn and quartered or some other form of torturous death. There is always the talk behind the scene's of how to go about effectively bringing humanity together. Kill a family member is 1 way, severely injure another, or just ensure the situation of homelessness to happen.

There is also the situation of you, or me, or someone else having to face jail or prison time, for a set amount of specific year's, because they broke the hypocritical and corrupt law's that are inevitably going to be changed to support ethical law's to govern all that is, ANYWAY. There is the threat of having to end up in a mental hospital , or get locked into the back of a cop car for hours and moving onto the other side because of heat stroke, or get hog tied and thrown into crocodile infested water's.Then there is being placed in a facility for a while to be played with psychologically and tortured or just have the threat of having that happen to you when that doesn't you just get let go. There is also the experience of dealing with constant threat's upon yourself and others you are consciously networked with that if you keep up with addressing these action's you just may or may not be next, we don't know.."wink".

Then there are the other potential threat's that get spoken of, (not even me typing about this will stop them from happening) that I haven't even addressed in text. Either way, there is still the threat of immoral behavior taking place, and these action's being reported. Those who report them, get heat. Why? Because you're actively speaking or typing or writing about the hypocrisy and corruption that ignorance does not desire you to address and therefore let others in on what is happening.

Ignorance does not want the co creation of domain's of knowledge to be established on earth. Ignorance desires more ignorance so that it can keep itself in tact and inevitably attempt to end creation as creation is. Ignorance does not even desire me to place this understanding here, because I know inevitably , ignorance's plan's to keep itself in tact at all costs, will not work at all. We have hypocritical and corrupt law's on earth that are temporarily being used to keep the ponzi scheme on earth going. This is why there are being's on earth who get brought to court, and have to go through years in jail/prison or end up in a country club prison/jail or even house arrest. These situation's keep the temporarily privatized, debt perpetuating monetary system going.
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