favorite angel, ascended master, enlightened being etc. whats yours?

You got questions? We have answers.
Okay so post your favorite angel, ascended master, enlightened being.

I made a thread about lord ashtar and lots of you thought he was bad, dunno why. Anyway he's not, but find out for yourself.

My favorite enlightened being has to be my guide, bless him. Anyone got a favourite angel, mine is Gabriel. feel free to write down your opinions and what you think of the various entities. be nice
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Ashtar is neither bad or good, it is what it is because it is needed to keep balance in the universe, and so are we.
It's the faulty interpretations and channelings that gets hijacked which portrays Ashtar as an overly good figure... when the truth is. everything he is capable of, we are capable of as well. We don't need him, neither do we not need him.

As for my favorite? The wave of human masters 100 years into the future :D
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favourite angel is gabriel because he answered me back when no one else would.
favourite ascendid master is babaji or the fat buddha (not the skinny one).
favourite enlightened being would have to be Enlightened aka myself
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I have never been in contact with any being like that but I received some kind of help that I could only say that sumerian or egyptian beings were involved I really respect Enki or EA I met someone who woke me up and if it weren't for that person I don't know what my life would be at this moment. I don't know why people give Enki a bad name, Jehovah is the one who controls the sheep, or Ialdabaoth in Gnosticism, the evil demiurge.
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