How to contact spiritual beings when they want to communicate?

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Lately, I have been experiencing severe communications from another realm. Some lights will turn off/on around me (though that could just be my electromagnetic self interfering with the circuit). But around a few times a week, I will experience a ringing in my ear, which is supposed to mean that whatever you just did prior to the ringing was extremely important in your spiritual awakening. However, last night after smoking and learning more about our Holographic Universe (another story for another time), I turned off all the lights and as soon as I started trying to go to sleep, around 4:00 A.M., I heard a snapping/popping noise, like you would make with your hand. I didn't just hear it once. I continuously heard it once every minute or so, for at least five minutes. I was sure it was something out of the ordinary so I spoke aloud for it to leave me alone because I was trying to sleep, and couldn't because it was keeping me awake. It still continued for a few minutes until I must have fell asleep.

Now I realize that I have heard this noise before, especially in the past few weeks, and it must mean something is trying to communicate with me when I shut myself off from external stimuli. Now my question is this: what do I do the next time this happens? How do I receive the message that something is continuously trying to tell me? I would assume some form of meditation, but as far as what I still need to do, I have no idea. It must be extremely important. Thank you for your time in answering this as well.
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