Yeah, It's Me AGAIN.

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Yeah, It's Me AGAIN. «  » by Coulee Wind
So, I initially registered on here using Facebook and as a result my account here used my "real" name. I was on IS as Christine Hauck up until a few days ago when I realized that I really don't feel ok with my real name being all over these (or any other) forums.

I still don't own the title "Indigo" as I resist labels and frankly, I'm only just beginning to awaken to myself spiritually. I've always been really sensitive to emotional energy and have always been unusually good at reading people's intentions etc, but I don't really have any finely honed abilities etc.

I'm still working my way through the baggage which I've been carrying since early childhood (even though I KNOW I can just set it down and walk away from it) and I struggle with finding enough self-discipline to do the things I know I need to do to in order to be happy.

Long story short:

I'm just another person seeking their path and getting to know themself and the world around them.

I figured I'd reintroduce myself so the few people I've connected with on here will know that I've changed accounts.

I'm not sure why I so love these forums, but I feel like this is a good place for me right now.
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Coulee Wind
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«  » by Rum
Lol welcome back with the new name
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«  » by AmentiHall
The path is what its all about. Labels are silly. Follow your inner guide and proceed with caution :)
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«  » by lightsoldier
Okay i rewelcome you Coulee Wind lol. I read ur post on here somewhere stating you wasn't comfortable with ur name being used, and its understandable.
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«  » by Zaik
Coulee Wind, welcome again! In my view awakening is an ongoing process, so don't worry about "just beginning to awaken spiritually" ...
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