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I totally agree with you that hypocrisy and profaning of the sacred is wrong. I don't support it either. I fought many years against the imperialist corporate machinery- crusading for labor, human and environmental rights - greed is a disease and it invades the soul. The infected can't see or don't care what they're doing is wrong or who they mistreat as long as they can make another buck to buy more crap they don't need while defiling the planet. I used to read article after article of twisted corporations screwing others over with their glossed up, warm and fuzzy BS PR spin campaigns using lawyers to sweep all their dirty deeds under the rug. It was just sad. We used to dialogue with these companies and band together with other investors to compel them to stop hurting and killing others in the name of profit - and sometimes were successful, sometimes not.

It's more insidious with New Age businesses because they're not as transparent with their corporate practices - if they're private, they don't have to make any SEC filings and their business model is unknown. And since they're not as huge as S&P 500 publicly traded companies - they can go under the radar until some whistleblower blows their cover as snake oil salesmen. It's harder to discern their darker motives behind such a shiny, happy message of peace, love and goodwill. I agree there are those that seek to prey upon the trusting, naive and vulnerable. Caveat emptor. Bottom line is it's unconscionable to pimp out or abuse any culture or person, especially by profaning the sacred.

However, I do support the sharing of information on cultures and belief systems. It is the best way to combat ignorance. The increasing global awareness and conscientiousness will create positive paradigm shifts. Choosing a path to true self awareness, compassion for others, harmony with the world around us and deeper spirituality is a good thing. Sometimes when someone says love and light - it means just that. But as with anything else in life, I also appreciate your sentiments Pockshimmo, one must be vigilant in regards to others' motives.
That's about all I have to say in regards to the New Age's exploitation of American Indian beliefs. Any more talk about this matter on my part would be as John Trudell once told me "Kicking Rocks".

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I thought about what he said concerning kicking rocks and came to the conclusion that some of these rocks are big and rather to hurt one's feet kicking them, it's better to sit atop them and look at the path to be taken beyond.