need some help understanding this

Are they out there? Some believe they've seen them in person. Some even say they are reptiles. What do you say?
need some help understanding this «  » by frookie121
hi! new here to the forum and i am looking for some insight. tonight my almost 4 year-old told me about the "ghosts" she sees in her room at night and that they drive away into outer space. after asking her a few general questions, like what do they look like, what does their "car" look like etc i believe she is in contact with both Pleadian and Arcturian aliens. this is a bit of a surprise to me, but delightful as well because it validates everything that i have been seeing/experiencing most of my life. my concern lies within in the fact she is afraid of the Arcturians, or at least i think that is what they are. i have always been under the impression that they are tall, white, extremely slender with large dark eyes. in a recent paragraph i read they are described to look more like greys, short, greenish in color with three fingers. so, i am wondering if you might give me some perspective; what race are the tall white aliens, what reason would she have to be afraid of them? what race flies in a triangular ship, she calls it their triangular "car" and it goes to outer space. the tall white aliens that i have been in contact with are very gentle when i have encountered them. i know that i have been in contact/abducted for years, in fact very recently they allowed a brief glimpse of them right before i woke up and i found myself even more sensitive, clairvoyant then before. i had premonitions of my SIL's father's passing about 6 weeks ahead of time.

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real interesting.. do some research on the Shalanaya, they also go by Yahyel. Apparently it will be the first civilization we will be making contact with. They are known to operate triangle ships
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