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"...the vast majority of humans fail these tests. They die as bitter, selfish, substance-addicted, greed-driven minions of evil who mistakenly thought they were winning the game of life while, in reality, they were losing the far more important test of the Creator. The most important part about living a human life is not acquiring money, or fame, or power over others but rather achieving a high “score” in this simulation known as “life” by resisting evil, spreading love and expanding awareness of that which is true. For those who respect life, who practice humility and self awareness, who seek to spread knowledge and wisdom while resisting tyranny, oppression, ignorance and evil, their souls will, I believe, be selected for special tasks in the greater multiverse. That’s the “real” existence. This Earthly life is only a dream-like simulation where your soul interfaces with the crude biology of our planet for a very short time span that’s actually the blink of an eye in the larger picture."

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i agree and now at these days people are being extra greedy
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by Hidron
Live free, or die..

and live free again.. ;)
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very intresting article by dr.alexander , truly inspiring , thank you for posting this here..
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