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Critical Mass, a collection of poetic prose «  » by childofone
Critical Mass

There exists-
beyond time and space,
a source of infinite wisdom and knowledge.
“Of course” you may say, “the internet,”
this is the age of technology don’t you know.
But this ancient data bank transcends this
minor human construct, impressive as it may be.
It serves as an excellent metaphor none the less.
It is out there, yet no where, and we can all access it.

But most can’t handle being spiritual hackers;
For the sake of functioning on this physical plane,
those in the know are at best selective
when logging onto these Akashic Records.
Most know not even that such a thing exists.
Yet there it is, to guide you in all decisions you face
throughout life’s journey.

Quite your mind,
Simplify your life,
And listen very closely.

That which many casually call a “conscious”
for lack of a better conception of it,
or possibly a vocabulary deficiency,
is the signal you tune into.
It is not there as a mere suggestion,
meant to follow if it suits you.
Rather take this as your guide,
and it will rarely mislead you.

Tune in Soon

“The brain acts less like a thought factory than it does a radio.” Aldous Huxley

We tune in to ideas, they are not miraculous, spontaneous creations. Morphogenesis acts as a trail through the forest. The first trip is intuitive, like an insect following an ancestral scent. You leave behind evidence of your passage, a path. Everyone or thing has a natural tendency to follow that path, and here we stumble upon the concept of the collective unconscious; universal consciousness. This process can be seen in things ranging from the “group minds” of honey bees or ants, to all aspects of inherited characteristics and animal instincts.
It would be much simpler, and much more comforting to most, if this process could only be attributed to the animal kingdom, but within the same conceptual framework, it offers insight into human development and character traits as well. The intricacies of early language acquisition, the entire human learning process, memory, cultural traditions, myths, ritual, magic, the collective unconscious, the mysteries of creativity and the true nature of the soul all must be evaluated in this context of morphogenesis and what our minds can truly tap into.
Causal influences from the past effect present and future events and activity. This influence can and does occur on every level of matter from atoms to galaxies (which seem amazing similar except for size), ranging from animal instincts to human behavior. It would seem nature too has habits rather than laws: the laws of physic, gravity and such, appear unchangeable because they are such well established paths through this forest we call home.
When a sufficient number of people begin to seriously question reality; what is really going on around them beyond what they can perceive with their limited senses. (We only have five! Imagine what all we’re missing.)We will then begin to find insights into life true reality, one after another.
It is an issue of critical mass. The trail through the forest of ignorance is forming, slowly but surely, and the insights we need to lead the way will be given as we are ready. We are in a critical stage of our evolution as a species, except it is no longer physical but spiritual. This can easily be seen by looking at concepts of religion from generation to generation, seemingly especially so in the recent century, rightly so as we are running out of time.
I’ve seen it in my own life, as my son was faced with the death of a pet at age six, and this led us to a discussion of death, the afterlife and such. “God’ came up, and I took this opportunity to see what concept a six year had of what our society labels” God.” With no prompting, and his only reference point to religion at all the few trips to a southern Baptist church he’d gone to with his grandparents, he answered “ I think god is like a spirit that is always with us and in us, around us all the time.” Expecting to hear him describe an anthropomorphic deity with the gray beard and all the fixin’s don’t you know, I was in awe and could only cry tears of joy and gratitude. It had taken me twenty years to shatter the preconceptions pushed upon me since childhood and come to this realization, yet from the mouths of babes. And this was not something he had heard, this was what he felt. He was tuned in to the right signal, and knew no better than to listen. At ten we were discussing the relationship between the spirit and the body, and I used the old cliché of your body as a vehicle for your spirit. He replied “I think it’s like a balloon,” I thought of the simple, a membrane filled type of thing, but still just to see I asked him “how is that?” He looked coy, “well because as you grow older, the balloon rises ‘till it pops, then your spirit reconnects with everything.” The time of change is upon us, it’s all an issue of critical mass.

“Look not from the mind, but from the soul, for the life that is coming is already before us, waiting to open up to the world. Just look more closely. Find the eyes to see.” --James Redfield

When you connect with the energy of “god”, the spirit which moves through all things, it is like a glimpse into the future. One day we will all see that way, and live in that world, our energy connected to all things and people with no dangers of misuse or abuse. We are all essentially energy anyway.
All is vibration.
Open up—find your own energy;
share it openly without expectations.

Why Fear Death?
This Is Hell You Know

There exists-
neither good nor evil.
Only selflessness,
and selfishness.
Human constructs.

A battle does indeed
exist between these forces.
But it is only within ourselves.
Wrapped in an illusion,

Under the veil of our ego
we cannot realize what
we truly are- our infinite spirits.
We begin to serve the ego,
as if it were all we are.

Believe me it is one tricky bitch!
It will convince even
the wisest man that he is but it.
One must not accept this.
Defy the selfish drive
to feed the desires of the flesh.
It is a merely a trap.

Buddha has already told you:
“All suffering comes from desire.”
Desires are born from this ‘ego.’
Our separate selfish self.
This delusion is a desperate act
of the ego to survive.

Do not let it tell you it is who you are!
Merely because you are trapped in the physical,
the true nature of your being extends
far beyond this limited identity-
of bodies, feelings, memories and ideas.

Your separate selfish self is vying
for your life-its only existence,
literally it is fighting for its life.
As you transcend it-
this selfish separate you,
you realize you are so much more.
In doing so, beware!

Even aware of this internal battle,
the ego can easily realize
what you are trying to achieve.
Basically you are killing it.
So it will try to intellectualize the process,
And reinvent a veil of spiritual egotism.
Telling you: “you’re on the right track don’t worry.”

If it can convince you you’ve won
you’ll stop fighting it.
One must make a continuous,
conscious effort to see through
its illusions.

On Materialization

Of course a vessel which houses,
or entraps,
an iota of infinite power,
the spirit which comprises all existence
and works in all things;
doesn’t want to just be a vessel-
a vase for flowers more beautiful than itself.
So give that vase consciousness,
and it will try with all its will
to convince the flowers
that they are merely part of it.

Hope some of you get something from this-

Any constructive criticism is appreciated-
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«  » by childofone
Obviously noone like it! Tell me why!
It is boring, redundant, incoherent?
Come on people....bash away!
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