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My mother looks at me like bonds account. She tells me I have no home.
I am not inquiring its not 19 I don't want to show empty pockets to people.

Speaking about different genetics doesn't help.
I tried calling speaking with social workers. May be they change things in the society with people of different culture.

Is the police?
Is it pesticides or the vaccines?
My sixth being says its police.
All children are different. Some aren't nice. But it's not my job. Is the parents? I would never want to be somebody's mother.

By the way parents always,
My stepfather's son stole my incense. which masked babui made him think so?

Stealing is bad.

They are trying to make it. I listen to the sound of ocean. They say I am happiness.

its really stupid because I am old soul like him. But when he look at me he sees "Fool's gold."

I want to have have peaceful life. Peace.

I am out of the "old world" picture. Though they want me to do business with them without asking or payment that has to be.

Though we desire to have some help.
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by xoxos
i have much respect (more like awe) for anyone who manages to survive in new york.

i know a few venues for people needing work/housing, tho none that work with kids.

?? try "the farm," in virginia ??

might be other alternative communities that are less expensive to move to :P

good luck!
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yes but as indigo I dont think being in village is where I want to spend the rest my life.
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