Precognitive Dreams

There's always a sign somewhere, whether it be in a dream or a vision.

Precognitive Dreams

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Hi there, well I'm starting this thread because over the past month I've been having dreams which always warn me about things that are yet to happen, it's been happening more and more each day... to the point this week it was day after day after day, dreams about normal daily occurrences but also things that hadn't happened yet and as if warning me about you know...normal daily life problems... it's weird though cause I dunno I had never had so many precognitive dreams happening one after another and so many too cause I don't just get one dream per night but two or three... what is this exactly? it's even worse because some of them are not actually straight forward I wake up and remember them and when something happens I remember OMG now the dream makes sense, it's like all the symbols were pointing out at some situation that I had to be careful of but I didn't look to it, they are not overly bizarre or weird either though, they are almost straight forward but just a few like 2 o 3 things different that makes it difficult for me to find out what they're really talking about, so in that way I cannot do anything to prevent what happens... what can I do to decipher them before those things happen??? also... should I change things before they happen or leave them be??? does that affect me in some way and my future, like is it "bad" or "good"? that I change the course of events if I know what's going to happen???
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Im a bit of a precog dreamer too..
For a long time I didnt remember my dreams at all..
Then I started a new vitamin regiment with a lot of vitamin B to try to kickstart them back up again.
Well..Ive been dreaming almost everynight this week.

One of them was a "bleed through" dream..
Basically..It was feedback from..the reality that would have been mine if I had made some different choices.
Suffice to was not for the better.
And the dream made me take a good hard look at the good things I had going for me in this life..
Specifically, the things I was used to, that were missing from that me's life.
Maybe not all your dreams are about this version of your life??
But Im not the expert on this..
Im sure others can be a lot more articulate on the particulars.
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
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Keep a written record of what the dreams are about so you can see if there is a pattern emerging especially if you have recurring dreams perhaps post here if you don't know the meaning of them maybe someone here will recognise it.

If you can change events and that is a big ask as most people will just dismiss what you say, then I do not see any reason why you should not try.

Your getting the dreams for a reason I find it hard to accept it is just to freak you out. Just be sure they are actually pre cognitive dreams before you start trying to give out warnings.
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This happens to me at least once a month. Sometimes the things come to pass that day, sometimes not for a year. I know through my experiences that dreams are not just random bits of memory that your brain then creates a scenario around. They are so much more than that, or at least CAN be, under certain conditions. I believe we are tapped into like a universal stream of thought, at least when we're in certain (perhaps deeper) stages of sleep.
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I'm a precog dreamer as well. It's come to the point where it comes in waves of regular occurrences. Some months are more frequent than others. I try keeping an eye out for newspaper articles that confirm what I've just dreamed about. (for the fun of it:p) I also do a daily dose of writing down what I dream to help keep a record of what came true or not and to sort out my thoughts so that maybe some things that didn't make sense before hopefully do now. If writing is not your thing maybe drawing or painting is. I like to paint especially when I get a really strong message to paint about certain parts of a a dream. Hope this helps.:)
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I just had another one a few nights ago. In my dream I was looking at my phone, and saw the name "Amanda" in a message. I don't remember any more of it. That day, my phone vibrated as I was fishing. I look at it and what do I see?... "Hey Chase, it's AMANDA, it's been too long!" I hadn't talked to this girl in over a year. We had the same, rhetorical conversation we always have. We talk about getting together and doing things, and never end up doing it. We live quite a distance apart. Such dreams make it obvious to me that our dreams aren't just random bits of memory that our subconscious then creates a scenario around. I see things that have yet to come to pass. Or, perhaps it is indeed our memories, just memories we haven't experienced yet. And to subscribe to that, you'd then have to acknowledge that time isn't static, but dynamic. That it can be crossed over like any other barrier, given the right set of circumstances.
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