Archangel Uriel � The Balance Of Creator And Co-Creator

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Archangel Uriel – The Balance Of Creator And Co-Creator – 12 March 2012


by GLR Jennifer Hoffman

There is a Creator in the Universe, a central Source of power and light. This can be described as all knowing and powerful but that is an attempt to limit that which cannot be limited. Describing the concept of Creator is like describing air — what is it, where is it, how is it, how much is there? These are questions that have no answer and trying to understand Creator as an object, like describing air, instead of simply acknowledging it does not allow full connection with and use of Creator.

Creator is within and all around each of you, just like the air. Creator depends on each of you, just as you depend on Creator. Creator exists for and on behalf of each of you, as you exist for and on behalf of Creator. Together you are the source and use of energy, which allows all of creation to manifest. Without you there is no creation, and without Creator, there is nothing to create with. One is necessary for the other and there is perfect balance and equality in this relationship.

From Creator comes the source of energy, in an unending and limitless flow that is available for you to create with. As co-creator, you use the energy to create what exists in your reality, the world and the Universe. All of creation flows from micro to macro, from the individual reality you know as your life to the Universe around you. You know that all is connected, so how can you think that you are not part of the flow of creation in every part of the Universe?

Each lifetime represents the fulfillment of a soul contract and healing journey that is your soul contract, a promise of co-creation with Creator. This is what you have agreed to create for yourself and for the earth in each lifetime. Every being in the Universe, in all dimensions of time and being, at all energetic vibrations and frequencies has this Creator/Co-Creator agreement. Accept yourself as a co-creator, so you can fulfill your promise of co-creation and move into greater levels of fulfillment in every area of you life and be the source of energy that Creator requires for the manifestation of heaven on earth.

Copyright (c)2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, re-print or post this article in its entirety as long as you include the author’s name and a working link to this website link to original article
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I have this picture,..isnt he gorgeous,..thanks for posting just started the read.
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Blissful heart, its insightful. :)
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The message looks right. Thanks!
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