Re: Attention All Members!!! Please Read!!

Yes, thanks for this clarification, and it's also why i didn't want to be involved with the moderation before, and now, because i don't want to be here standing as public representative for people to say i'm too broken or a bad person to do this or to be in charge of this, i'm not argueing with this, and i told this since the beginning, but still it seem not to be very clear yet.

I'm not moderator, i'm not admin, i'm not responsible for banning people, not for being the spiritual guru saint of all compasionnate to all of the forum.

If people have issues with my behavior or things i say they can say it to blue or admin, i'm not representative of anything but myself and if people have issue with me it's not representative of the forum.

Now idk for the moment i have time, and i know the history of the forum, so i know a bit the people and all, but if people think i'm not compassionate enought, or not loving enough, because i don't answer with a smile and rose after being insulted for 3 weeks, and then going to lecture me about supposedly that i should be this or that, i mean i don't come here to get lecture necessarily, or advise from people on my personality if it's not asked for, and what i say is not the rule of the forum or what represent the guideline either, specially that there is not even guideline well set yet ..
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