Setting direction for indigo society.

So, now i think most of the technical aspect of the forum are ok, well there are still things that are not totally finished, but i'll make another thread for more technical issue and well the 'internet forum' aspect of things regarding features and limits/privacy/permissions etc :)

Well i guess one of the thing to decide is what people are to expect from this place, and what should be promoted or encouraged on the site, and what should be tolerated, and where to put the limit of what this forum can provide and what people can expect of it. And how to organize things for it to fit the best to what people well want to find on it.

I want to make it clear again i'm not the one making decision alone, and all this has be seen by at least the owner too, but well i just express my personal opinion, and not necessarily represent necessarily the direction of the forum.

1.- indigo concept
The first thing to address imo is all around the concept of indigo itself, and what is the purpose of the site related to them, by this i mean for example someone pm'ed me that the purpose of the site should be to talk between enlightened people, or well, there is lot of things that tend to put indigos in a sort of gnostic perspective of light seeking and enlightenment.

To put things in perspective, need to see that the french revolution has cut many head in the name of light, that the whole colonialism was also based on principle of light and enlightenment, that even the nazi have big time foot in the occult and spirituality and playing with occult forces to perfect mankind, and the whole paradigm of light is one of the oldest thing around, and it has been used by countless organisation to promote some kind of transformation of society etc well i'm not the sure the indigo is really to be seen in that perspective.

Well i mean by this, i don't think this site is about promoting ourselves as spiritually superior or some kind of illuminatis with a plan for the rest of humanity, or about saying who is indigo or not or spiritual or enlightened enough etc. There is no formal teacher here of anything, so there is not really a big basis to establish any kind of ranking or anything regarding this here.

I mean ok this site is not necessarily to be seen as a spiritual church of light and only light workers or gnostic allowed to post.

2.- Manipulation and cults, vampires, harrasment etc

One other thing to see, is all things related to manipulation, and cults, harrassemnet, energy vampire etc.

This place is often expected to provide a space for certain person to express themselves on topics that they often have hard time to speak with in their surrounding, and can be uncomfortable speaking about, either it's personal things, or spiritual question, or question about "psychic experience" or dreams or anything, that can contain material that can easily be used by malvoleant persons or trolls to attack the person. 

I'm for one is sensitive to that sort of topics, and by experience i know it can be sometime very hard to spot what is going on, and some people are very good at playing with people mind , never underestimate this, specially that there can be wide age range here, and people who have been all their life in occult can very easily manipulate the mind of a 16 year old new into the whole thing and not necessarily very stable in his life either.
The thing is for me, cult is really not about having a particular set of belief, it's not about witch hunt about which belief or orthodox or cultic, or making inquisition on believe system, but it more has to do in the way the interaction unfold, and with which mindset people engage in the interaction, and what they really want or expect out of it, any belief can be used for genuine teaching and can learn from everything, but also the way belief system influence perception of reality and relation with society and other persons is not to be neglected either.

In some books already shunning mainstream religion and traditional value of society is already a cult :) So ok, each one his way of life and belief, but still need to be aware of whole kind of initiatic process that can be transmitted via internet, and the effects that changing belief on the world can have on one's psyche, and not all people doing this again do this with the best interest of the person in mind.

And there can be really lot of empathic connection being made, and here need to be also aware that empathy is not necessarily the same than compassion, and empathy can be really messed up thing, and not always positive thing, or something that well handled and there is whole kind of emotional manipulation thing and guilt tripping that can goes on too and use lot of different medias and method, and again some people are really into this, and always see ocults and rituals as a way to control things and people, so i'm not saying i encourage this kind of this here, but it can potentially happen, and it's not necessarily easy to identify and to know what to do about this.

3. Mutual help/support group

One of the thing that his forum can be seen as also is as some sort of support group, or mutual help thing, or healing, but as i already pointed before, making support group forum is really a bit special thing, in the sense i've been also on some forum that are more related to psychological thing, or survivor things, on some rules can be more draconian regarding interaction and also being well aware of things can get a bit heated.

Now i know this place is supposed to be about healing too, but in other word is also what level of insanity members of this forum are supposed to expect to be exposed to coming here, and where to put the limit of acceptable behavior, including the person being sad, depressed, or suicidal, or making threat, or guilt tripping people on their behavior, which can be a real nightmare for empath really. I think there is a really a whole "cryptonit" reaction from empath for some narcissicst who play victim game to manipulate other person, empath can often become very disturbed by this, but again empathy doesn't necessarily mean compassion, or ability to heal or do anything about the emotional state of the other person.

I mean after all serious person i have met in therapy/healing etc, all say internet is crap for this, and it's very hard to use internet for truly potent healing, at least public forum it's almost impossible, or it need a really high ratio of moderators per members, like one really active 'pro' moderator for 5 person maybe, here i'm not sure we have even one really 'pro' moderator with true experience in that kind of things.

So i mean ok lot of people suffer and all, and can be a bit crazy, or well there is the whole indigo hate the world thing that can happen in certain phase too lol But then what this forum is really being supposed to be able to do about this, like if people complain if this place is not compassionate enough when they start to insult everyone etc, well it already start to happen with some persons, and can easily drift with this enligthenment/indigo thing, and some people can be habile with this too, so for me what this forum can really do for support is still limited.

And not sure all people come here to help all the depressed/neurotic people who just want to find person to attack on the internet to feel better about their virility or their bad ass super bad boy attitude that is of course only happening on the internet. Specially that this place attract already lot of victims of many things, i'm not sure it's place to play bad ass game and all this. Like playing i'm tough in an hopistal a bit, it doesn't give much honor or anything.

[font=Comic Sans MS]Well anyway i'll probably start to get organizing a few things soon, and i'll see how to organize basics for private parts, and what is moderated/not moderated, and putting a bit more organisation in forums with stickies and stuff.[/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS]Well all this need to be pondered i think, and we are not that many hands with time and energy to put in this, so i know it will always be a bit dicey for the moment lol[/font]
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Re: Setting direction for indigo society.

[center][/center] wrote:[center]

[center][font=Lilly]The Ostrich Syndrome[/font][/center]
[center][font=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]One of the greatest dangers of the New Age is that people have become afraid of the dark or anything that appears as dark to them. You can read more about this in my article The New Age Trap (once I get around to writing it...). The Underworld is perceived by many as a "dark" place. Even the term “Underworld” brings up Christian ideas of a hell region for many. They couldn't be more wrong. The Underworld is a place of beauty and power. But now that you have read above what I have said about demons, entities and sorcerer-shamans, you may wonder whether it is really safe and why am I writing about these things then? Because there is a danger, and it's real, and I don't want you to get hurt or damaged and then turn away from shamanism altogether, as some of my gullible friends did after being damaged by a vampire shaman.

In New Age circles the general philosophy is one of not wanting to see anything dark or evil. Like the three monkeys, "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". I call this total denial of the dark side the ostrich syndrome. However, sticking your head in the sand so you won't see anything evil doesn't make evil go away. Would you leave your house unlocked because you don't believe in burglars? Those people who try to hurt and trick you are very happy if they can make you believe there is no evil, and there is no danger. Because this is how they can get in and harm you! So why have you never heard about this before? Because few people know about it and even fewer have the courage to speak the unpleasant truth. And those who practice this form of sorcery and vampirism aren't likely to tell you about their methods. And lastly truthdoesn't sell - lies do. People get scared when they hear of dangers or dark things. They tend to sign up with those who cater to their egos and never challenge their comfort zone. 

Fact is, from ancient times to now, shamans in all traditions have known about sorcerers, those dark shamans who abandoned the path to Oneness, misled by their egos and power lust, those who use their powers to harm others instead to heal. And that doesn't happen just in Siberia and the Amazon, no it happens here in Europe as well. I have personally experienced it and so have several of my close friends. The danger doesn't go away if we stick our heads in the sand. We must be aware of it, because forewarned is fore-armed![/font]
I've been reading this some days ago, it reminded me of this kind of issue with this empahis of new age of light as some kind hedonist concept of whatever make me feel right is ok, including having a blast at making fun of other person for some reason.

And it's generally not about ignoring anger, because this one is pretty obvious to spot, actually even crocodile and even infants have shown they can distinguish supportive vs oppositional behavior, anger is reaction to a threat, often it come out as 'opposing an opposition' which turn out basically in anger/testosterone match, but a part that is much more often under looked is more the silence that result from the hurt of fear of such kind of behavior, or the silent tears that can come out of it behind a screen, or the people who just leave in silence because of this, which is already a much harder part to be aware of because it need to issues consequences, and seing the true dark side instead of brushing it out as it's ok, nothing happen , just smile and do like everything is ok even if abuse happen and you feel hurt or scared.

This kind of things shouldn't be happening at all in this place, and i for one really see internet for sharing knowledge, and not for argueing about personal things and doing ego contest on who is the more spiritual or the more enlightened or the more gifted.

Then can say ok it's also knowledge about self that come through criticism, i'm all agreeing on this, but then it must not be confused with blind racism and skin head having a blast at mugging a black with a beer and saying it's cool, nothing happenned, like it happen more and more in the world and everyone turn blind eye to it to be scared to face it and prefer to banalize it and make it look normal rather than being courageous enough to do something about it.

And it's not specially the issue of racism, but once someone start to put other in a box that they consider not worthy of empathy or compassion, either it's for sexual orientation, origin, belief, hair cut, life style, can be anything that will be constructed as representing a person and associated with hostile behavior toward it just because the person fall in a category or another. It can happen for everything, and i guess you can even except some kind of 'anti indigo' speech around who will just pick randomly on anyone on this site just because they are associated with this or that identity seen as evil and need to be disregarded and attacked based on some kind of social or religious theory.

It's not about learning about the person, but more mental constructions whose sole purpose is to hurt the person, or make him look inferior in order to justify an aggression or negative behavior toward him, in the name of any characteristics either they are physical, geographical, political, specially if the "advise" is not specially asked for, or even if the person is asked to stop and don't care. 

Just to avoid to make confusion between useful advise and ego contest. And that doing the ostrish is not mostly about ignoring anger, but ignoring consequences of it, or not considering it worthy of being issued at all like it's all the lulz and let's throw each other down and ignore all people who complain because they are this or that anyway and just deserve a good old bashing even if it's just based on stereotype.

Again just trying to issue some points that seem important to issue at some point. Not saying need to make a decision in the day, but things to ponder and be mindful about, but it's general thing on internet, it happen to a degree everywhere, so it's just to set up the thresold at which point it become constructive for the site and at which point the site is better without it, and what it really teach in the bottom, because if it's just to make stereotype propaganda war, it's not really much about awareness, empathy, and peace and all this.

Well again just things i had in my mind for the moment, and i think i'm not the only one to wonder this either.
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Re: Setting direction for indigo society.

h0bby1 wrote:
To put things in perspective, need to see that the french revolution has cut many head in the name of light, that the whole colonialism was also based on principle of light and enlightenment, that even the nazi have big time foot in the occult and spirituality and playing with occult forces to perfect mankind, and the whole paradigm of light is one of the oldest thing around, and it has been used by countless organisation to promote some kind of transformation of society etc well i'm not the sure the indigo is really to be seen in that perspective.
Could not possibly agree more. And so ironic that this is the first post I read since I last left, and I think the last point I made before I left. And ties in with an OBE I had just last night that I really wanted to talk about and was the main reason I signed in just now.

The term has always been very poorly/vaguely defined in here, and I never quite agreed with most. Never was big on the whole aura & bowl shaped chart criteria notions floating around at the time. I wouldn't presume to speak for anyone else but to me it's been a forum to discuss, forget outside the box, things that would seem downright ludicrous to a "normal" person, to other like minds. I realize trolling is inevitable given such subject matter, so just ignore them and focus on said like minds.

And while I've never been one to feel superior to others, consider myself enlightened, etc... or even if you do feel that way I think it's a terrible thing to say it aloud... demeaning to other people. But in all honesty I believe the people in here that "truly" experience the things they claim to, and possess ESP abilities ARE indeed special... and there are some of them in here. I'd have never hung around if I thought otherwise. And I think that "mainly" ESP is what most members in here have in common... if we HAD to pick 1 so called ideology to define this place (not that we do) I'd say it's Espers discussing things they just can't discuss around non Espers. To me anyhow, that's mainly what it was to me and what I hope it can be again.
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Re: Setting direction for indigo society.

hehe yes a bit same for me it's why i wrote this on the beginning to avoid repeating same mistake :) Now the owner told me on facebook if i keep saying bad things about the site i'm going to be ban lol

But yes to me it would be mistake to consider this place as too much 'spiritual' as it can easily turn into some form of cult, even if people don't feel like it's the case, many come here with some kind of belief in a religious manner, or expect a certain number of things from a place to be spiritual, often principle derived from religions or philosophy of light, or new age, need to find a good balance between this, because it can often conflict on many practice or attitude toward certain things :)

But yeah i think all people who have been in this place before already learned this lesson big time :) And also had time to think about this whole issue of love & light and spirituality and all superficiality that can come around it that can be counter productive with what this place should be about, and it's not easy to have a place to speak like this with like minded people who is a bit alive and that people trust a minimum :)

Hehe nice to see you around here :)
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