Age of Aquarius (song by Hair) interpretation

So the song Age of Aquarius has always haunted me, i mean i a good way, and i always picked up hidden meanings in it so i looked it up to see what it meant. To my surprise, most Astrologers actually said the lyrics were 'Astrological Nonsense'. I think those astrologers were taking the lyrics wayy too literally, like heaps of people do with the bible when its just there to teach us morals, etc. 
So i did my own interpretation on my Astrology tumblr blog. ... ng-by-hair
  • When the moon is in the Seventh House:The meaning of the Moon in the seventh house relates to our emotions projecting onto others- that we feel safer and closer with others. It is not saying that the Age of Aquarius will only begin when the moon is in this house (it happens many times a year), it is saying that what this placement represents is important for the new age. The moon is joining us as one, which means we can easily negatively effect each other, but just as easily empower each other.
  • And Jupiter aligns with Mars:The planet of journeying and philosophical understanding is aligned with the planet of action and passion. This is most obvious in the activists we see today- standing up for the things they want everyone to understand, and it is very important that they do so. Activists (Mars) for feminism, equal marriage, veganism, anti-racism, are extremely important in shifting awareness (Jupiter). Since mars is also the planet of war, it is no wonder that passionate activists can come across as agressive, and that what they're fighting turns into a 'controversial war'. The key here is to lead with only passion, not anger, and for the unawakened to see the truth no matter how much they want to live in ignorance, or how hard the truth hits them.
  • Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars:When we can get the best out of the traits I mentioned above, love will be the only guiding force of the universe and peace will radiate from within us, and around us.
  • This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius:We are coming out of the Age of Pisces (religion- particularly Christianity, sacrifice, deceiving, weak-will and escapism) and transitioning into the Golden Age of technology, space travel, invention, equality, freedom, clarity, everything that human civilization has always meant to be, a true community where everyone has equal value.
  • Harmony and understanding Sympathy and trust abounding:Relates to the traits of the moon in the seventh house
  • No more falsehoods or derisions:leaving behind the traits of the Age of Pisces
  • Golden living dreams of visions:Moving into the Golden Age of Aquarius
  • Mystic crystal revelation:Understanding what we wanted to know in the Age of Pisces
  • And the minds true liberation:Relates specifically to the zodiac sign Aquarius, the leading force in this age.
  • Let the sun shine:The sun relates to the self, our spirit, what we create everywhere throughout our lives. This line of the song sounds like the most simple, but it is in fact saying that we should let ourselves shine, become ourselves, do only what is true to ourselves. The light of the sun is our own reflection.
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