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Hello there i wonder if theres anybody out theres that nows about what they say and should not say like the buddhist rule book
i been attending this buddhist centre for a number of years now well some of the followers i befriended and then suddenley these people stopped attending well the one evening at the centre three months later they suddenley turned up well was chatting away laughing and joking when i overheard the teacher saying probably thought i could not hear him talking to one of there helper, he said if i could get his mind id put it in a jar and lock it up in a cuboard there was nobody else in view apart from and the two other i was talking too. now too me that does not sound nice at all , what does anybody else think or has anybody else had any similiar happenings
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Re: Buddhist Teacher

I am thinking that maybe this is spirits way of putting you on a different path. Spirit is making you think again about whether to follow a religion or find a different way to connect to spirit.
The fact you found this site shows you that you are still searching. You know deep inside there is something more.

I would take some time to listen to my inner voice and what it is trying to tell you.

LOve cheeneka x
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Re: Buddhist Teacher

What is there to judge in the first place? Philosophy, which Buddhism is primary about, is too ambiguous and limitless within it's motions, meaning, philosophy has no set rules to what is right or wrong, negative or positive, nice or not nice, black or white, philosophy has no set boundaries.

We often perceive (judge) that certain people should conduct themselves in certain ways in accordance with our own perceptions. Considering that all perceptions are limited by certain set perspectives, relying on perceptions to give us a true sense of what is right or wrong isn't wise. Simply, don't put to much emphasis on your own perceptions especially in judgment of others, it is often way off the mark.
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