10,000x More Effective Than Chemotherapy

Some "obviously misguided" souls :) have the nerve to suggest that main stream "medicine" may well be focused on two main goals -- making the MDs and drug cartels richer and population reduction. How could such be true in an "industry" focused only on healing, light and love? Well, enough sarcasm - let's get "down to it'. The linked material is very helpful regarding methods for avoiding death by big pharma and recovering from what ails you via "natural means"... BTW, I am only a lowly JD and no MD so the following is offered for informational purposes only...

https://www.naturalblaze.com/2017/01/re ... -pain.html

And, speaking anecdotally and theoretically re a current "bigwig" who may be a bit "over medicated" to his (and his victims) detriment, we have...

https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-05- ... icals.html

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Re: 10,000x More Effective Than Chemotherapy

Hello ......my wife uses a lot of turmeric ginger coconut milk and a lot of that stuff. Good suff and Great cook
Marijuana just became legal here in Florida. we just got the card so I will find out if the legal stuff is cheaper than the street stuff. But the legal stuff you can only get in pills or liquid. from what I heard it the liquids the best for pain.
I will say that the thing that's keeping her going the most right now is Botox and actually works onMS it's the main thing helping her right now so it's not all bad. a lot of bad, but not all bad . You do got to be careful. We definitely have our medical horror stories also. Like the time they wanted to operate on her for a heart problem we kept telling them we thought it was a sugar attack problem so we finally walked out against medical advice. and we were right it was a sugar problem. Cuz a sugar attack can mimic heart attack. H
She was on steroids at the time for MS
Have a good day
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