i think that when you are asleep the incubus (plural) or succibi are not heavenly but of human origin or maybe just thought energy you created coming full circle.

there is little art very little dance with that sort of act in fact on both parts it seems to be more instinctual. i had a dream once where both me and some one where just drawn to each other but niether one of us understood why. instinct will probably kick in and we would maybe try and bump.......but usually thats not the case so then we end up talking.

its a complicated thing.....so long as you dont get hurt i guess you both did your best to figure out how you are connected with out trying to connect in that way....
in this day in age we are programmed to bump like bunnies any way and im sure during puberty any succubi or what ever is just thought energy not yet expressed...
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[QUOTE=magonia;988852]Sex with demons of just plain groping? Some maybe more vulnerable to these events that others depending on their emotional state or domestic circumstances, who knows. What attracts them to certain types of people?[/QUOTE]

Did someone say plane groping?


*shivers* Personally, I would rather have sex with demons!
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[QUOTE=Link;988858]I find it happening more during the In between state ...or hypnagogia[/QUOTE] Exactly right. And this subject is just a microcosm of a bigger picture regarding said "in between state". When you're there in those seams that overlap reality/dimension/what have you, you can run into some bizarre entities and experiences. It's like you're just turning a cosmic tuning knob with little control over what station it'll end up on. If some have good control over this proverbial knob, they have my utmost respect, and envy. But it can be quite a double-edged sword. For every tale you hear of a wonderful AP experience, there's someone who had a night terror, hag encounter, etc... on the other side of the coin. I've never had one take my ass before or anything, but I've had some encounters of the sort.
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In childhood had them and recent encounter there was two of them one small sitting and second one big right by front of me , same look but have sitting position more skinny and pale gray ,there were no eyes just black and ears sharper. No complaining , very inoxicating overwheled cannot think of anything or move all you do is feel everything going on .
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[QUOTE=Maribezzari;1121618] one thing deaf and harding hearing In childhood had been have so fear being see things and hear them laughing ,thunder voice, touched,raped,strong nightmares,twisted ,and play games never hurt me that stopped middle teenage none happen so im not afraid of them anymore in adult 23 , no nightmare, just more lust even loving and very passionate.. they came back , first time was three of them then another time take my sheets off start touching my legs lift me off air ... recent encounter there was two of them one small sitting and second one big right by front of me penetrate , same look but have sitting position more skinny and pale gray by my face ,there were no eyes just black and ears sharper . appear then disspear change shaft to my face No complaining , very inoxicating overwheled feel so addictive grinning ,cannot think of anything or move all you do is feel everything going on.
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Re: Incubus and Succubi, otherwise known as sex with demons

Hello ...Here's a list of rehetorical questions and statements. I do not expect any definitive answers.

These things are considered by many to be always demons. Which means they never where born into a body unless they possessed one. IDNK. They could be unclean spirits or earthbound spirits.

If one accepts reincarnation they could be lower souls of one of the karmic groups that somone was a part of. Engaging in things when they should be elsewhere

No doubt these can seem very real. And if a spirit they are real. Have had my share of encounters.  There is a line between the imagination and these beings, but sometimes it can be more of a mesh or boundary.  Undoing entanglements can take Time and patience

Sex can minimize tension and stress and this is definitly good.  I mean sex of any degree not just the act. Watching a good dance would be one example.

Can too much pleasure do harm to the body. Like heroin.

Could these things be a way of avoiding guilt. To some degree. IMHO yes. The degree may vary.

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yogidee wrote:ive had things lay next to me, or hold me down but it wasnt a bad presence, dont know what it is really...lol
Does it make sense that if people are intrinsically psychic but are not taught how to operate their own consciousness, how to self control our dreams and thoughts...then all it would take is any person thinking/dreaming of another person while accidentally entering a state of mind?

If a person perceives and ugly demonic spirit could this reflect the other person's actual emotional attachments to their desires and behaviors?

Another possible solution would be an actual person with extremely high energy levels, using hypnosis or animal magnetism effects to cause a person to rewrite or overwrite reality with a less frightening storyline, easier to accept than the possibility of complete helplessness at the hands of another's intentions and will to penetrate personal space.

I recognize the power of thought and dream to affect others, and so i try to not mentally grope others or lust in dreams.., but i have to admit that i have only experienced this type of presence or astral phenomena for the past couple years..it started shortly after joining spiritual forums.  I think its real persons with varying degrees of mental control, for the most part. 

Since i dont really believe in the angel demon dichotomy that divides our world, if this phenomenon isn't due to unknown human qualities, then i would assume we are being used energetically and physically by aliens..not that there can't be love..im sure.. :>-<
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LunarLotus wrote:
Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:15 pm
That's a little freaky.

But does it have to be a demon doing it? Could another type of entity have sex with you in that state as well?

They can make themselves look however they want to, but they are ugly inside... because they are demons, 100%. If you doubt that, ask one sometime if they accept Jesus Christ as their lord & savior and see how they react. But don't say I didn't warn you when you watch that sultry siren turn into a horrifying apparition afterward and show it's true nature. Another thing they can't stand is to tell them that you want them to speak the truth (demons in general I mean). Because they are deceitful by nature and they can no more do so (tell truth) than the Lord can lie.

I have a funny story about that though... if you really wanna mess with a demon, try it sometime. There is only 1 way to get them to speak truth. Ask them if they will promise you to speak the truth about whatever you talk about. I did that once and it replied, "no". And I said, well, you just did, thanks, I admire your honesty. And it said back, "but what if every answer I gave you really were true, then that statement would be a lie". I'm like, "duh, but then you still would be telling me the truth about those things at least, whether I knew it to be true or not." And I swear it started like having a meltdown, like I'd trapped his mind in a paradox. Then it just left. So that's how to confuse a demon 101 class for you.
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