22 Year old Indigo Offering READINGS!

So I'm all grown up now! But I want to continue my gifts, while having to make that dreaded dollar.

I Need this to work. Direct

I want to offer my services to you at what YOU want to pay

Through Skype, Through Personal Calling, Through E-mail even.
If I could survive on my gifts alone, Without money, I would
I accept paypal[/center]

-Tarot cards
-Past Live Regressions
-specific indigo healing techniques

I shall explain to you how all of these work, as we talk...

I also have a registered Account on A Highly accredited psychic network.

[center][/center]That number is 1-888-813-2277
[center]Extension to reach ME - 17117[/center]

Please, Take the time to give your spirituality attention.

I am known as Illuminated-
[email protected]
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