Free Angel Oracle Readings ;D

This is just for me to work on my skills so PLEASE don't take me too seriously as I'm only still just but a student. For about 6 years I've been working with cards only to have mastered readings remarkable accurate for myself, I'd like to become more comfortable with doing so for others by gaining more confidence and experience. So again before contacting me, PLEASE keep this in mind.

The World Awake is my blog where I post spiritually based content in efforts to help others on thier journey as well as documenting my own. It is up to you to subscribe to my blog but I'd really appreciate it if you'd write a review of my work and "like" my facebook page if you liked the reading.

Greatly appreciate it!

Love and Light,
Monique ^_^

PM me with your question and I'll do my best to help you!

banrion wrote:I haven't gotten a response yet...[INDENT=5][color=#333333:1x43yj1j][INDENT]i didint either...[/INDENT]



hm, um yeah me3

Thank you for the reading!

OK this is my review. She was very kind to take a picture of the cards she pulled up for the reading, which was unexpected. Her message sounded very hopeful although I can't tell if it's accurate yet, because it hasn't happened. But I will post a follow up if you wish.

Thanks again, MonikuStarr :)

Would like to remind everyone to please visit and "Like" my blog: The World Awake and give me a quick review so I may post it on there. Thank you all for you support and patience! Sent more readings today and will do more.

I'm going to start doing live chat readings from my website very soon. Just a heads up! Subscribe to my website for a heads up on live angel reading scheduling. You get a chance to win freebies when I have enough subscibers!
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