multiple services/things/etc for sale/trade

Okay I made a post about some of this awhile back but I figure I will renew what services and so forth I have to offer etc.  I really prefer barter for most things, and some stuff I am even willing to do out of kindness alone!

1) web services
I work for a fairly large hosting company, and I have a reseller account through them as a result.  I basically do not use it for much although now I have a few sites (including this one) on it.  If you have a blog or site, basically anything running on php, that you would like to either reduce or remove your hosting costs for let me know.  I have ties also to another really fast hosting datacenter out of Florida, they specialize in VPS if shared hosting is not adequate for your site.  I am pretty sure I can beat any price you are currently paying for hosting (unless you happen to get it for free of course) and I am pretty sure the hosting I can get is going to outperform most other hosting out there.

2) coding/linux etc services
I specialize in debian based systems (yes ubuntu as well) but I have touched a huge variety of linux distros and am always improving my skills with linux.  If you have questions or need help with something involving linux I am happy to do so.  I can help with Windows and mac/OSX too but I primarily focus on linux.  I do code, mostly python although I have touched other languages.  I can help build custom applications etc

3) hardware support
I have been working as a professional in the IT industry since 2006, and started out mostly dealing with hardware repair (netbooks, notebooks, towers, servers).  I used to work for a shop that did Dell and Apple warranty work, so I do have that under my belt and a long healthy track record of repairs.  If you have an older machine that you are wanting to get running better, or even a newer machine that needs help let me know...I can probably either sort out a fix for you or point you in the right direction to get parts etc.  I have extensive 802.11 experience - both 5ghz and 2.4 ghz spectrums (if you know what that is then you know the value of that skill), but also I have set up hardlined networks and so forth.  I have a vested interest in networking and network hardware.

4) woodworking and other craft type materials
I have a full wood shop at my home, I do a lot of different projects with that medium.  I do paint (usually acrylic on cardboard because I like the idea of turning recycled materials into art).  I also have a welder, anvil, and other metal working tools and have started using that medium as well.  Open to taking on projects for barter or whatever

also have a lot of odds and ends through other people that I can trade...for example, cotton crocheted drawstring pouches (good for dice bags, change purse, stone bag, etc).  Those can be custom made to order.  Some leatherwork and some stone work (I like to use soapstone for carving, really nice medium).  Lots of etc type stuff in this category...if you are looking for something specific or maybe a little hard to find let me know, I am well networked with people out in the Northwest.

5) craft brewing and wildcraft herbs
I do brew pretty frequently - mostly meads (regular honey mead or mead with berry infusions) preferably berries that I have personally harvested, of which there are usually raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and huckleberries.  If you have never had mead, it is an absolutely wonderful treat anytime (in moderation of course) .  Also brew beer - typically milk stouts and darker beer but have brewed numerous styles over the years. 

We do have an herb garden and grow a lot of household herbs but we also spend a lot of time out and about harvesting wild herbs.  We are pretty skilled in drying and making teas, tinctures, etc. 

6) stones
I have a personal longstanding use of crystals and stone, I do have a tumbler so I tend to do that from time to time.  I have really good wild sources of quartz, garnet, and other stones.  I also have good network for obtaining other stones not native to my area.  I personally really like feldspar stones a lot so I tend to have usually a wealth of labradorite around...there is fire opal and fire agate in the area I live as well.  Stones are a transient thing in my collection, a lot of times they end up being gifted to people after I have carried them for a period of time...thusly, I like getting stones too, so that would be a really awesome item to barter with me for things.

7) runes
I was raised to use and appreciate the Elder Futhark so I am pretty skilled with runes.  I have sets that I make for use out of a variety of materials.  My personal set I am happy to do readings with if there is a want.  I also have knowledge of making runestaves for a variety of situations and bindrunes as well.

8) metaphysical and parapsychological research
I have a pretty extensive library, some books are not easily available to most people, and other sources of info in this bent.  I have been pursuing this hobby since I was a child, have done a LOT of research and reading over the years, had quite a few very odd experiences myself, and am always interested in listening to others' experiences.  If you have read my writing here, I do practice Seiðr and tend to approach things from that standpoint although with the wealth of experiences I have accumulated over the years I find that the metaphysical and paranormal (or rather, extra-normal) is not something that is wise to approach from a singular point of view.  I do tend to look for *actual* evidence and *actual* results...I am not trying to down anyone's experiences or beliefs but, for example, I am carrying physical scars from an encounter when I was 18 with a really odd and really dark "thing"....thus, having touched (physically) things most people write about in books and tell in old stories I have a different perspective already ;)
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