I'm pretty sure no one ever heard of this game lol I played it as kid it was very cool game, the technical was stunning for that time, and the story line and world were also pretty deep =)

Not sure i'd still play it today cause for nowdays the graphics are very old lol But idk why this game popped up in my mind this afternoon while i was watching the sky idk and wanted to remember the storyline, it was pretty cool game =)

[font=sans-serif]Drakkhen[/font][font=sans-serif] is a [/font][font=sans-serif]video game[/font][font=sans-serif] of [/font][font=sans-serif]adventure[/font][font=sans-serif] - [/font][font=sans-serif]part[/font][font=sans-serif] French initially created for the [/font][font=sans-serif]Amiga[/font][font=sans-serif] in [/font][font=sans-serif]1989[/font][font=sans-serif] .[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Drakkhen known former players as the first role-playing video game to present a three-dimensional playground, allowing freedom of action never before seen. The game also has an alternation of day and night, and gives the player the freedom to browse the map at will, and to visit all the buildings, the only power limit ingrown characters.But above all the interest is focused on the software worked its events, his scriptwriting skills and depth of the diegesis establishment.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Summary of facts prior to the phase of the game [/font]
[font=sans-serif]The death of the last dragon is the trigger for the story, since it puts an end to all forms of magic in the world. The palaces built with magic, political systems based on magic, everything drawing near and far on magic collapses, leaving chaos win civilization. A merchant ship, the Shadrach, deprived of its power to control the wind, becomes a slave of his titanic mass and drift with the currents, before running aground on an island not appearing on any map. The crew attempts to obtain a contact with the local population, but massacred while hordes of creatures dragonoïdes raining from the sky. The few survivors fled, taking refuge in a nearby village, where creatures with green skin offer them food and shelter. Gradually, these men realize that their guests have no past to speak of, and various indices, such as the total lack of erosion on any matter, cause them to think that this island has no History, it seems to just born, appeared magically out miraculously bubbling streams. Their journey will lead their steps within the grounds of a large city, where they will meet a priest who reveal their drakkh world history.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]" In the beginning were the dark nothingness. The Father then breathed life on all sides of the world, the same time creating the stars and the earth. He peopled it with creatures immense and free. It was the era the great reptiles, where everything was straw Then, in his great gentleness, he created the race of his children in his own image. drakkhens them. "[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Following this act of creation, while drakkhens gave thanks to the primordial father, the great dragons were bored, jealous and the powers of the latter. Thus, they created too, and gave birth to humans. Then they bored again, and chose this time to dream. When they awoke, they were punished by the primordial father for daring to imitate him, which resulted in the almost complete destruction of humanity. Then they returned to their former grandeur dream. Waking up for the second time, they saw that humans proliferated and spread across the world, while drakkhens had disappeared. Dragons, stunned the exploits of their creations out of their inactivity to be loved humans. But in the eyes of their children, dragons had become images of terror and hate, and both sides, the losses were heavy. However, there were some who remembered, and those, dragons learned magic. But when the new Magi asked for help deal with constant attacks ungrateful son, dragons did not move: they slept. So they no longer had any allies among humans, and were soon the target of massacres, the son has exceeded fathers in magic and technology, knowing dominate the elements, creating appalling and destructive weapons. The primordial Father contemplated the consequences of its own punishment and weeping for her lost children. Soon, there was only one dragon, which, hidden in the depths of the world, seemed unattainable. But the agony of his last son, the primordial father decided to seal the fate of the world and bring about a new age: " The great dragons The new aeon genesis The anhak Drakkhen!!! "[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Thus, anhak Drakkhen is the introduction of a new world, the irremediable extension of a new island, populated by resurrected beings among the most faithful to the Father drakkhens their lifetime. " This island on which you find yourself will expand permanently, then it will cover the world, your world, your continents will be convicted and will not for much longer. [...] Know for certain, [...] I have - we have -! no hatred But it's fate, and Father's wishes must be fulfilled " The last words of the priest drakkh will be those on which humanity will pay his salvation: " It is said that the Father will pay eight tears, but this is false: it will pay nine One of them is for others. races! I hope you understand what I mean ... "[/font]

[font=sans-serif]With these few words, the priest and means that humans have a chance to see their species and their world continue, if they discover the nature of these tears.About those relating to the human world, the survivors of the terror threw Shadrach within hearts. An expedition was mounted therefore, choosing 4 people, sent to the island to understand, but mostly to save. It is upon arrival that the game begins.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Summary of the facts learned during the game [/font]
[font=sans-serif]Here are revealed the outline of the scenario, it is a non-exhaustive summary focusing only on the aspect of the game combining policy, investigation and warlike conspiracy.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]The characters are sent as well on the island, and the game starts they are, naked as worms, before the fortress of Prince Hordtkhen, prince of the land. When they have gained some experience, and found some effective enough weapons to protect wildlife living outside and inside the palace, they can go to find the prince Drakkhen. The latter, laughing as human larvae could reach up to his apartment, will seek first of all to kill them, but, begging him then he will entrust them a mission: to visit his sister, who lives in the east, and send a message.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Arriving at the palace of the princess Hordtkha, the characters will find his abduction, and the servant pray to go and inform the prince of the bloody battle that took place. Once done, Hordtkhen decide, in revenge, to help the characters by teaching them the human who was with his sister is now in the palace of Haaggkhen, Prince of water. On the spot, after crossing a dangerous dungeon, the team find and liberate the captive, learning from his mouth that the army of the conspiracy is about to attack the prince Nakhtkhen, Air prince, and that a conspiracy is on. In providing assistance to Drakkhen lords in danger, characters can discover the secret of the nine tears.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Palace Nakthkhen is devastated, the characters arriving after the battle. They find an ocean of blood congealed by frost, and the few survivors who pray to go Hordtkha release the princess, now being captive in demonic sister Nakhthken, Nakhtkha. Wandering in the Arctic wilderness, they eventually enter the isolated palace and exploring it to the dungeons, free Hordtkha. It will teach them that two forces clash now on the island: the supporters of the new genesis in the violence, who want to destroy the human world in a torrent of blood and flames, and supporters of redemption, which wish to help humans and avoid the destruction of their world. Similarly, the princess reveals their nature tears, which happen to be gems that Drakkhen princes are at the front. To save their world, the characters will have to meet the eight gems corresponding to the eight princes and princesses Drakkhen. As a token of good faith, it offers them his own gem, and invites them to join Haaggkha, water princess and one of the most important elements of redemption.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Once in the palace of Haaggkha, the latter will entrust a mission to the characters, kill Hordtkhen lord, who is about to join the forces of fire. This done, it will send them back across the island, this time to fetch the Hazulkha princess, princess of fire, giving no sign of life. The characters will find it dying on his throne, a spear piercing his heart. They manage to seize his gem, freshly stolen by drakkhs knights, after a bloody battle. On leaving the palace, they will meet Nakhtkhen who deplore the death of his colleague and cry vengeance, ordering the characters to go kill his own sister, Nakhtkha. The work, Nakhtkhen, who admits not being able to do it himself, offers his gem to the characters and sends them to fetch the two missing to launch the conspiracy, namely that of Haaggkhen and that of Hazulkhen, Prince of Fire (and death).[/font]

[font=sans-serif]The characters thus extort gems by force, not without effort, and now need to know the mechanisms of the ceremony they will start to implement the conspiracy, no index is not given automatically. For this they will have to travel the island and speak with either a native old or with a priest of the conspiracy, which are four in number, each living in single own temple to each region. So they learn that they must restore a fragmented short poem with four lines are divided into four palaces, each verse is itself split into two parts, themselves included in two graves. Once known worms, they will get to the center of the island, on strange flashing paving stones, and get rid of all their weapons. Thus begin the ceremony that marks the end of the game.[/font]
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