Critical Judgement

Why is it that so many people of this love and light are more critically judgmental than the average person?

We are not just talking about simple judgment like observing a difference; we are talking about ostracising and even attacking people who don't agree with them. You certainly can't have a different opinion, their egos basically go troppo.

In my experiences with numerous forums, not one of these light and love based forums has proven to be anything like unconditionally loving and accepting, in actuality quite the opposite. Actually, certain true Christian fellowship meetings come a lot closer.
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Re: Critical Judgement

The forums are an expression of many different people and their unique beliefs being publicly expressed and thus, influencing others who read them in both positive and negative ways. I do not see forums as an expression of one single person; a blog would be that to me, but not forums.
Forums are different. The idea of finding them loving and accepting or not has a lot to do with inner projections in my opinion. There are loving and open people and there are uptight, closed and scared people too. But neither of them define a forum because a forum is a collective expression of individuals with very different mentalities and ideas. So, the idea that one place is either loving or hateful is highly subjective and to me, it is what you make out of it. It can be both, it can be neither...

Of course not all places work for us. Not all resonate with us and that is completely fine. I think the best is to stay true to ourselves and realize about something:

Is this lack of love and acceptance a problem of an internet forum? Or do we have something to do with our own feelings?
If there is no one attacking us right now for our opinions, then where does the idea of this lack of love and acceptance coming from? Maybe from our interior? And also, before we label an internet forum as "un-loving", are we projecting ourselves that love and that acceptance towards others?

Can we be the example of the difference towards those things that upset us so much?

Because falling for criticism is what everyone is doing and what everyone loves to do. Specially lately. No matter what you do, no matter how you are, or how you think, you are constantly criticized and judged by people who just see life different than you. But are they really the example of the change? Are they really an example to follow?

We will not even need to judge each other once we learn to actually be the difference and to teach others how to be better humans, not by criticism but by example. Judging and criticizing everyone is too easy, everyone does it. Become yourself the change and the example and that is where the real challenge and growth are.

Eventually we must be honest with ourselves and our responsibilities about how we feel in life.
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Re: Critical Judgement

People like myself certainly don't expect a forum to be what it says it portrays, there are too many influences involved, however, when critical judgement is accepted over and above obvious truth, how spiritual is the forum it portrays it is? All I see is spirituality being chronically abused all over again, it's as if the ego is unable to get off the roundabout/treadmill.

As prophesied, it's the age of false prophets, this also means false people. This forum at present is accepting, probably because it doesn't portray one thing or another, to me, it's exactly what a forum should be like. As you said, forums are not blogs but too many forums portray themselves as blogs. Blogs are of limited perceptions and perspectives, forums, especially spiritual forums, shouldn't be but many are.

It's also sad that spirituality is being predominantly used to excite the pleasure centre over and above the truth. It seems that everything that doesn't excite the pleasure centre is often judged as negative and denounced, this sadly includes anything judged as being dark. What seems to be occurring is the yang is being extracted from the yin, and we then call this oneness!!

Imagine extracting the nights from the days in relation to Earth, the beauty of Earth would dimply dissipate.

Most forums have become limited and some forums have insurmountable conditions, I think they have become like blogs instead of being a true depiction of a forum.
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Re: Critical Judgement

The problem I see is this one: Who knows the real truth? Who is the owner of the truth? Everyone has a very different opinion of what the truth is and to me the truth is highly subjective to each person´s life experiences. Scientists claim to know the truth, and they are wrong many times. Some spiritual people claim to know the truth, but then, they are wrong many times too. The media is portraying their "truth" if that word can serve them, but then, they are also very wrong sometimes... Then you have the people voicing out their truth, their perspectives. Are they right? Are they wrong? Who is right and who is wrong?? Hmm complicated for me to know.

The way I see it, we all have parts of the truth and parts of the illusion inside of us and we express just that. This is what we have: we have our opinions, we have our insight. The truth... The truth will be revealed in time to us, while we grow and learn more about life. Before this happens, we have different opinions and insight, we can make the most out of them or we can simply ignore them, its all ok.

About these so called "false prophets" or "fake people", then that would include most humanity if not all. Why? Because we live in a culture and society built by lies. Most people, either being aware of it or not, live fake lives that dont make them happy or fulfilled. This is why we are going through awakenings, to break free from the illusion. To call someone a "fake prophet" just because the person is expressing his/her voice is just vain criticism to me. Why would we expect perfection and the perfect truth of existence in someone when we do not have that inside of us? Why not appreciating the fact that someone gathered the courage to share some of his/her truths to a world who desperate needs it?

I think that instead of judging someone because of his/her ideas, we better express our own voice out. I find this more constructive for everyone.

Now about blogs and forums: I have my own blog where I express only my opinion and insight and art. That is my corner to express myself. Now, I also want to express myself freely here (like other members here), however, I do not want this place to have just my opinion; I have my blog for that. This place eventually should be a place for equals to share whatever they want to and to connect freely here. No one should be put on a pedestal here (I dont want this at least). And I do agree that a place should be as free and open as possible.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that some few people do come to such forums or groups with really negative intentions. I myself had this same forum hacked and destroyed almost 2 years ago by one of its own members. So these kinds of situations are really complicated to deal with and in the end, protection becomes necessary. For now at least, until a better solution comes.

Just for the record: Different opinions, different ideas, insight, skepticism about whatever, are welcome here. I do not care if others here agree with my ideas or not (I know sometimes im a bit controversial). I live my own truth, others do the same probably. To me, what is really important here is to respect others and the place itself, to be decent. No one should carry someone else´s toxic attacks and this place should be free from that crap. Everyone should be able to express their opinions freely here without being scared of being attacked for being who they are.

In the end, we should learn to coexist. Easier said than done of course. Its all a process where we are all learning. It may take some time, but eventually, we should find the balance so that we can all participate here peacefully.

My idea is to make this place open and relaxed, even though, so far, I have had to control this place a bit, specially because of past events that already happened in here, so I have my strong reasons behind. But I am also open to listening to ideas and suggestions on how to make this place work well for the majority (it is impossible to please everyone right now).

I appreciate your imput here, keep expressing your views, do not worry about agreeing or no agreeing with others, its not about that. Its about expression and connection.

I ask for the basic things: Respect, decency. For the rest, everyone has different opinions and their right to express them.
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Re: Critical Judgement

OK for the truth. I would say we a living an illusion and we are experiencing what we know to be a human existence at present. There is a huge different between an obvious truth, a truth that has been observed void of bias, to a truth that is bias or influenced by the ego in control. For an example, a person who is obviously being observed being raped is being raped, this is the truth, the question of truth is ludicrous when observed void of bias so the argument of whose truth is the truth is also ludicrous.

No one's truth is wrong, it's just simply not altogether correct, for example, the world is round instead of flat, or so we presume. The known world was once observed to be flat; this is true within their known world at the time. So if in the future we find out we are not human, we were wrong in our assumptions? Not at all, we are simply not altogether correct. Nothing is black and white I Spirit 3; I call this a black and white mentality, a mentality that has to be wrong or right, negative or positive, bad or good, black or white, it's just simply not the case.

Isn't accusing someone of vain criticism critical judgment I Spirit 3? One shouldn't throw stones while living in a glasshouse; it's simply not wise I Spirit 3.

So when I make an unbiased observation of false people, I should lie and hide the truth of the matter? This is exactly what you seem to be saying, I am simply not into living a lie I Spirit 3. So saying, quote, "we live in a culture and society built by lies", isn't of vain criticisms? There seems to be double standards here I Spirit 3, one standard for you and another lower standard for me, this is too obvious. You just critically criticised all of humanity, not just one person or a group of people!!

So what you are saying is when I observe someone being raped, I shouldn't intervene because I am being judgmental? I will tell it how I observe it, obviously this is going to be criticised at every point by you, once again a show of double standards.

" In the end, we should learn to coexist. Easier said than done of course. Its all a process where we are all learning. It may take some time, but eventually, we should find the balance so that we can all participate here peacefully."

An obvious and continuous display of obvious double standards will not bring balance in my mind I Spirit 3; you need to seriously drop these kinds of bias standardisations to bring balance to this forum in my mind.

You can take what I have said here as judgmental criticism if you like, if your into a black and white mentality, it is most likely you will.

My advice is, drop the black and white mentality and desist in expressing double standards. It would seem to me that you have not observed yourself for some time, it's important we do this void of bias just to keep our own controlling egos in check.

I know, certain people's egos are often offended by my observations and actual experiences, I am often criticised and ostracised by these people, they must look within to why they are offended, not to me. Yes, certain people might not want to participate in this forum because of me, correction, because of their egos problem with me. You must decide if to remove me or not to protect other people's egos that are obviously in control of them.

To be critical, one must express a black and white mentality, a mentality of wrong and right, I simply don't do that for there is no true right or my mind.
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