Guests in a Controlling Egos Reality

It is wise to remember that we are guests in a controlling egos reality, always have been, however, what lies beneath these factors is utter bliss.

The problem lies within the control of the ego itself, it simply negates this bliss for the sake of control over and above this bliss, for within this bliss there is no control, only being.
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Re: Guests in a Controlling Egos Reality

In a perfect reality void of controlling factors, the ego is unable to hurt another ego.

Is a perfect reality void of any controlling ego factors?

To an ego that isn't of control, I would say yes, take away the controlling factors of the ego, all you are left with is bliss. However, to a controlling ego, I would say no for bliss to this kind of ego is only obtained through being controlling, of course this kind of control is purely based on fear and is finite in nature where's the other is infinite in nature in my mind.

Take the sun for instance, it's time is limited therefore is of a finite reality, of the ego. We are guests to the sun and it's control/influence. All that the sun has created and is in control of, all will perish under it's control when the sun reaches it's limitations.

I don't have a real problem in being controlled when existing within control, however, when not existing within control, I will often release myself of this control. A good example of this is on forum sites, I will often release myself of control freaks, basically, deceivers, bullies and name callers which include narky remarks.

In the end, we will all release our ego from the present control of the sun and other people and environmental influences.

Indeed Cheneeka, in the end, does it really matter if our egos are hurt by various controlling factors? The ego will be hurt in a controlling egoistic reality one way or the other, we should expect this and move on. We need to show understanding and sympathy in regards to the ego, not bash it.
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Re: Guests in a Controlling Egos Reality

Well compassion is always a beautiful trait. I think only an ego can feel bashed! Is it our perception of being bashed or is it our lack of humility that another spirit can teach us.

Our learning is not always positive. That depends on our perception at the time. We can let others put clouds in our sky or we cannot.

It is not always possible to be positive but it sure helps when we can.

LOve cheenekax
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Re: Guests in a Controlling Egos Reality

I try to stay away from what is positive or not, including myself, it's too ambiguous, for what is positive to one isn't to another, I am just simply being while being of motion. In saying this, I understand why other people's egos need this kind of definition for without it, how would the ego become aware in the first place? Its' all good.
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