My personal opinion of what it mean been a illuminate being

I wanted to do this post, because I have seen that many times there is a belief that many people think that been illuminated is almost like climb to the stratosphere, rising up to other dimension, where there only theirs divinity completed apart of the rest of the world. Were all the pain is gone, and almost out of this planet, with the perfect life, with out any worried, and almost with out any mortal deserve to get in touch with the support "Divine human", dying the life itself with the path. I think in my personal opinion, that there is a kind of mistakes and confuse with that, to me been a illuminated human, is just a way of eyes to see the life, with a deeply and powerful prism, that makes your interior world the most amazing Wonderfull experience that you can had, feed you with full of gratitud, love and connection with the universe in every smile, every hug, and in every experience that you experiment in your life. But make you more emphatic and full of enthusiasm to experiment your life as a human, because that it was the thing that your soul choose to life in the "present time". And there is no more way to be a illuminated, that share out a lot of smiles full of love and join, with every person that you cross in your day. Or give a lot of hugs, even to people that you don't know, etc. I mean to me been a real illuminated person, is been a kind of lighthouse that Is full of happiness and love, to share to treasure that he have to shared with others. Is a person that before join his own divinity for him "Alone" is somebody that understand that his divinity, is actually in the experiences that shared with other poeple, the magic of the reality that experiment here in this world the his soul choose before to born, and is somebody with full connections, with this planets, and all the life that are inside of it. But off course this is my personal opinion. Regrets, and good feelings and energy for all.
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Re: My personal opinion of what it mean been a illuminate being

I think the word "enlightened" is a bit too much, just reading the word makes my head hurt :P

To me, there is a difference between being awake and elightened. I have never met a person whom I consider enlightened; I do believe this reality exists for some souls and beings, but right now, in this reality, I do not have one example of a person who would be an enlightened being and I think that we would put so much pressure into someone we would consider enlightened...

For instance, an elightened person cannot have a bad day? Cannot feel disgust towards others who have been hurtful and abusive? Is this person supposed to be above the rest? If not, then why would we expect a sort of perfection from someone else? I just dont see how the word enlightened would fit inside this current, human reality.

Awaken seems to fit more, since awakened means in the process of conscious growth, while living a human, non-perfect experience.
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Re: My personal opinion of what it mean been a illuminate being

I think it depends on our perception of what enlightened means. To me it means being aware of the light within. I also think you can be enlightened and still have all of the human traits. Jesus to me was enlightened yet he still was human. He lost his temper. He didn't like the pharisee people etc etc.
When i think of enlightened i think of the words of Bruce Lee

A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.
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