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I just thought I'd share this link to an interesting article I just read, I'm a very vivid lucid dreamer myself & have scarred my face so badly in the past from night terrors & suffered nightmares my whole life, I day dream & I din't know how I do it but I can lucid dream no matter what state my mind is in, I have told alot of you this way in the past but I'll say it again.

I'm no way near an expert but I have for years kept dream journals (burnt most of them last year as want to travel & slowly getting rid of my belongings) I love to interpret my dreams & sometimes others aswell, i find the colours in dreams are really important, it usually is the small symbolic things that bring the biggest messages from our subconscious mind, a little bit like body language (Which I also study) the small things are what give you away.

I get my premonitions through my dreams, I was about 10 I think at the time of the 9/11 but I dreamt about that & for a kid it was a pretty scary dream,I have seen passed over loved ones in my dreams, I have often met people in my dreams who I've then gone on to meet in waking life, most of my friends in secondary school I met in dreams before hand.

Our body needs sleep to re-energize our organs but our brain never really stops but we need to rest some more than others some don't need alot of sleep, it depends on how stimulated you are in a way. Dreams help us heal like it sais in this article I've posted here, but we should play close attention to our dreams they often portray messages to us.

They can simply just be memories from the day, week, month or even the year, the most significant & your mind is going through these in your sleep to help you heal & remember & understand what has happend. Memory is a funny thing isn't it.

We often hear people say 'I don't dream' to me that's like a heart stopper because we all dream it's just whether we remember it or not, it's a process we have to go through. <3
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Re: mysterious dream

Yes, we have to dream, its the only way for mind to resolve conflict with itself. Dreams happen in a certain part of the brain. Ever wonder what would happen, how a person's behaviour would change if they didnt dream, or didnt dream enough?
Consciousness compensates?
daydreams and day-mares?.. that may or may not be repressed/suppressed memory?

Wouldn't it be cool if cyborgs and androids could dream too?... I mean, if there were such thing as cyborgs or androids...
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i am like a particle floating on a wave traveling across a sea of awareness, looking within, i am everywhere, looking outward i see everything where ever i look. I am the Captain of my own experience, It has always been this way.

Re: mysterious dream

Yeah, I didn't pick my name on a whim. My brain doesn't like to completely shut off it seems, as even when asleep I'm usually at least partially aware... like aware that I'm asleep in a bed dreaming (that is after all the crux of what a lucid dream is). I've often wondered if shared dreaming is really possible, but there's never any way for me to verify it as it's with people I've lost touch with. Isn't that always the case? Seems too coincidental that it seems to be the rule rather than exception.

Our brains defragment like a computer does during a dream. If people didn't dream they'd go crazy. Everyone does, it's just that not everyone remembers it well. But my dream recall is so good... I started keeping a journal for awhile but I remember so much of my dreams that I'd have to write a small novel every morning when I woke up. I simply couldn't keep up. I dream so often of "what might have been" with a lot of girls, many of which I looked past and didn't recognize what I had at the time because I was stuck on the first one that got away. Or ones that for some reason, even though thing never ended badly, they act as if things did years later when I see them... give some sort of attitude. And I ask them in the dreams... "Why?" "Why act this way? Why treat me this way... US this way? I remember the good, only the good. When or why did we ever start resenting each other?" And it usually stops them dead in their tracks and leaves them speechless, as if they wonder also and realize that it never did happen.

Also I recently recommended a book in that section titled "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" But it's just the book that Blade Runner was based off of, it doesn't truly answer that question, in fact it kind of hints that they do not and only have superimposed memories & dreams.
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