Paranormal Encounters

We have seen many times people explaining their experiences with alternative realities which are alternative to mainstream events which many except has so called normal experiences in life. People describe there encounters from a emotional, practical, and personal point of view and what they seen has some kind of paranormal activity.

Yet suppose that these so called paranormal events effect us at a far deeper level of understanding than the perceived human conscious mind? What if there is a much larger purpose to these events, a greater scheme of things in which to some degree the human mind is incapable of understanding from a individualistic frame of reference, which transcends into the unseen world?

The spiritual connection into paranormal events or encounters has to be taken into consideration and may in fact be the key to the whole reason why such events occur. Maybe these events are not just for our personalities in the physical form but for the spiritual part of man, that unknown and unseen portion of our existence.

There could be connections between all these events, since there seems to be some kind of laws or repetition which these events seem to follow, the location of the events could be important not just the geographical location, but past events, recent has well has distance, even those which we at present are not aware of, stored in the environment like energy store in a battery?

It comes down to this, all these events that transcends political borders, are occurring for a reason, so, what does it mean?
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Re: Paranormal Encounters

I believe the main reason for these events is to help us awake and eventually get to know ourselves and reach spiritual connection and Light. These paranormal events show us the other side, they open our eyes to new realities, they force us to see and to grow. And we have memories stored in our energy and DNA. We tend to repeat them until we learn from them. Until we overcome them. When we do, we release this energy and move to a new reality.
These experiences keep us moving and evolving.
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Re: Paranormal Encounters

Well, to me these are the events that cannot be explained by science (yet). Well, actually science is starting to explore this more and more. To me, these are the events that are more related to the spiritual, mystical, occult or metaphysical aspects of life that are often denied or ignored. Magic, ghosts, spirits, energy, telepathy and mysteries in general that do not have a satisfactory explanation yet.
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