This is interesting stuff.

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Extract: The West has consequently developed a materialist science that is focused on the outer world--which it endeavours to control and exploit. In Asia, where most religions have arisen, consciousness has been directed inwardly to understand the essential nature of life.

The Westerners worked longer on the stuff they were told they had aced the first time. The Easterners concentrated on the areas they thought they had botched. Students from the West—where the cult of self-esteem reigns supreme—wanted a tummy rub. Students from the East were more concerned with fixing their blind spots, becoming well-rounded. The Westerners polished up their strengths while the Easterners addressed their weaknesses.

This is interesting stuff. I realise more clearly now why the western mind has problems with people like me, we point out where we can become more aware where the western mind only desires to focus on where they are aware.

Another example is standardisation. The western mind tries to standardise everything so everyone standardises when it is obvious the eastern mind doesn't. How many western people standardise spirituality with awareness? Of course to an eastern mind, spiritualty and awareness are obvious bed fellows; there is simply no standardisation because there is no expression or motion of control unlike the western mind.

Another example is when the western mind ostracises or has disdain for people for having their own views, especially when these views are pointing out a lack of awareness. To the western mind, pointing out things like this is being critical, to an eastern mind, all one is doing is pointing out where one is lacking awareness. I am often ostracised/blocked on forums by the western mind for pointing out our short falls on my own posts; it's a typical western mind reaction.

Us westerners, in my mind, need to be more aware of our own short falls of the western mind, but of course the western mind only desires to be aware of it's grandeurs, it's strengths not it's weaknesses, this of course is it's weakness.

I should point out that the eastern mind can be influenced by the western mind to become more of a western mind and visa-versa.
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Re: This is interesting stuff.

Yes, a reverend relating the Toa to Christianity, an interesting read.

I wrote the following to give the people within our present discussion a better idea of where I am coming from in relation to the western and eastern mind.

Interesting Chinwhisker, this is probably why I relate Christianity and Hinduism, in the raw form, to be of both western and eastern mind, yin and yang, however, I only equate Buddhism to yin, the feminine, the eastern mind.

To me: Eastern mind = yin + feminine + of lesser ego
Western mind = yang + masculine + of greater ego

A balance brings peace, God's kingdom, where an imbalance brings chaos, man's kingdom.

I also wrote the following reply on questioning the bible and the mindlessness of the western mind.

+Chinwhisker It's all to do with how one is conditioned to read the bible, however, as I have found out, prayers have been changed over time to reflect a different stance, is the bible the same?

If one is all ego, can we equate this to no mind? By destroying the very thing one relies on for it's existence to feed it's ego, I would say this is of no mind.

China has destroyed it's natural environment mainly because of western influence through becoming more westernised. Yes, I would say it's fair enough to call the western mind mindless.

It is wise to be aware that the western mind focuses on it's strengths, any mention of it's weaknesses is dealt with, I of course point our our own weaknesses in our western minds, it is obvious this will be dealt with by the western mind. All I am trying to do is make the western mind aware of it's obvious weaknesses.
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Re: This is interesting stuff.

It is too obvious in recent days on here that the western mind will at all cost avoid looking at it's own weaknesses, but at the same time point out other people's perceived weaknesses through bias conjectures.

At times I am sorry for knowing what I know, the western mind within us all just simply can't cope with being aware of it's weaknesses, this includes my own western mind. At no time in my posts or replies have I stated this isn't of me as well, but it's often perceived to be the case by the western mind that desires to avoid knowing about it's own weaknesses.
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