Three Words


The world and the human species upon it, and the systems and so named realities created which are localised to this particular species and geographic locations are a subject which I have long observed.


"The great god Zug created the Earth, it was on a giant pogo stick, and it created all the holes in the Earth, and each living creature on the Earth must worship the holes."

Method of obedience

Constant repetition of the aforementioned, educate the young from birth, externalise it so it appears to be apart of reality in all aspects of life, so there are no alternatives but the scenario described. Created statues and mechanisms to sustain the great god zug, all inputs are surrounding the scenario.

False Reality

The reality created by man is limited to a specific geographic location (geocentric), and any threat to this reality is denied or concealed to maintain the power that it has, the constant repetition is conditioning and very powerful and many believe, but not all.


The great god zug has no depth and soon the superficial limitations will be come apparent.


Like all things time pasts and false realities will pass away has people become more aware of the larger scheme of things beyond the limited geographic locations of systematic self contained belief systems
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Re: Three Words

I think what makes human consciousness human is it's limitations, otherwise it wouldn't be human. If you honestly look at humans , they act very much like a virus, a microorganism that didn't evolve, look at how they are destroying their host, the very thing they rely on for their survival!!
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