I am wondering who is asking this question, is it my mind or my spirit. I am also wondering what defines a spirit or a human. Am I a human having a spiritual experience or a spirit having a human experience. I guess it all depends on our awareness and our experiences.

IF I can feel a connection to all things, animal, plant, human and spirit is that a normal human trait or is it just a spiritual trait. To me the lines are sometimes blurred. I am not sure there is a normal human being as we are all different.

Sometimes I feel spiritual energy, sometimes plant energy, sometimes animal energy and sometimes human energy. It is all coming from the same source but it is different aspects of that source. So if we are supposed to be human and only human energy how is this possible that I can feel and experience all these different energies. That I can be an animal, a plant, a spirit and a human.

I personally think awareness is what decides how spiritual we are and how human we are.

The other problem is this..........I have seen everything disappear and if it can disappear is it real in the first place.

Of course what I am writing here doesn't mean I am speaking for anyone else. We can only experience what we experience and we can only write from those experiences.

I also do not think there are rules for being human or spirit because it is different for everyone :)
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Yes. Awareness.

Collective awareness or individual awareness I wonder sometimes. We are all connected and if we are aware of this connection then I think I would be collective. Do we own our own thoughts even, a telepathic person would say no. Thoughts are waves of energy and just because we have thoughts doesn't always mean they belong to us. One dimensional mind doesn't always think this way. We imagine as an individual I, If I have thoughts in my mind then they must be mine, individual mine. Not always the case.

Maybe it depends on the vibration of our awareness how individual or collective our awareness is. :)
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I believe we are all channels of different consciousness in a way.
Since we are all interconnected then we can pick up or "channel" different thoughts and vibrations from different beings.
Sometimes, my thoughts seem so familiar to my idea of myself in this human form that I accept these thoughts as mine; although maybe they are not entirely mine since I am aware that many times, what seem like my own thoughts are influenced by external beings or consciousness.
Sometimes in the past I have had thoughts which I know are not mine but get channeled through me. This has happened with different spirits. Also many times my own thoughts get affected by the thoughts and emotions that surround me. It may get tricky to know which thoughts are mine and which are not.
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Different states of consciousness brings different feelings of a person for example at one vibration you can be loving another you can be reckless and detached these feelings yet different are part of us I think from what I and others experience we are like a rainbow tho we have different colours we are still all of them so to answer who you really are I suggest you watch this video I will post https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kl0rqoRbzzU
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