OMG -- Joan Jett - The Virgo Goddessette Songstress Of My Dreams

So hot - and amazing eyes and "facial bones". I'm a great fan of Virgo women for numerous reasons, especially, being shallow, their "looks" -- think Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset, Lauren Bacall.. And, never forget, you know when a Virgo woman loves you because, then, she tries to "improve you"- relentlessly :) Also, of note, "esoterically", she has a quite high vibe which comes through via her voice and "presence" -- helpful these days for viewers of her "act" to help counterbalance all the less than ideal goings on on the planet... And i notice, perhaps mostly due to her vibe, that when i see her i automatically start to smile and feel happy - not necessarily a frequent phenomenon, generally...
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Re: OMG -- Joan Jett - The Virgo Goddessette Songstress Of My Dreams

REally Dude... Thought you'd be more into... well, check it out... LOL

I should say a lotta things here... butt its just another gravy train without a potato LOL... like heroin instead of heroine, cups full of emptiness, can barely listen to it any more than insanity allows me to... Luv wine woemen and song hate everything that goes along with it.
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