Hey everybody! Let's change the world together!

I'm an artist and will be releasing music very shortly about or society and the state of this planet as a whole. I will be waking tons of people up to the reality and handing out tons of red pills left n right! I felt misunderstood and alone for a long time, until I became fully accepting and loving of myself. I still feel as though I should gain a stronger connection with those who feel and think the same way I do. I'm sure all of you are well aware that it's difficult at times to find these types of people. I haven't necessarily tried my hardest, which is why I want to gain connections with everybody on this platform, but more specifically any musical artists who are on here. I'm a hip hop song writer, but I'd be more than happy to chat with artists of any genre. Hit me up to talk about anything, whether it be music specifically, our society, what we can do to rebuild what's being destroyed, "conspiracies" etc. Lots of love to all and have an amazing rest of your day!

Re: Hey everybody! Let's change the world together!

Hello and welcome here.

Would be nice if you shared some of your art with us.
I am also an artist; visual artist but I am also into singing and hope to be able to sing in the coming times for other artists and maybe to create my own musical project.
I feel we share a lot of similar views on society, how to make things better and how to use art and music for that.

Hope to connect sometime :)
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