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Again, I have said so many times here publicly to please contact me for any help or support anyone may need with their accounts! I have no email from you asking for any help on this so how am I supposed to guess?

I do not know how else to explain this: Please contact me if anyone needs help with their account. I need to be contacted so that I know. I cannot help here if I have no idea whats happening.

Its been a long time so its normal and maybe predictable that some people will forget passwords, that some will forget usernames, etc. I have said I am here to help with it in case its necessary. I really dont know how else to explain this.

All I can say is: I am here to help with this or to help fix any bug that is in the site, although so far I have not got any issues, but I dont know about the rest. Thats why I ask you to contact me for help whenever you need it.

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Re: Rough site

Thank you for responding, site administrator.

I did notice this last time that even though log in attempt returned an invalid password response, when I tried again with a request for a new password to be sent, the forum engine allowed me to log in.

As I have a forum site as well, I am familiar with some of the options available to users.

There might be an option for "allow users to set new passwords" in your moderation control panel.

If it is set to "no", simply selecting "yes" might fix this seeming programming glitch.

I am willing to test that change with you, just let me know if you find such an option and set it to yes; then I'll log out and see if that fixes the problem.
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Re: Rough site

Hi, sorry about this, its quite strange because it is set so that users can set their passwords right now. I will check this more carefully and get back to you, but as far as I know, the options are set because I know of some users who have changed their passwords and logged in without any problem.
I will check this and then contact you privately.
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