Mosques in Australia

Here we are once again going on about Mosques in Australia.

Consider this, how many Churches were built on Aboriginal land; land white people didn't pay for but took by force. The Australian aboriginals were either killed or forced into white mans culture.

Land for the Mosques in Australia are acquired, not by force but purchase. Yes, there are extremist Muslims who want to build these kinds of worshiping building in the exact same way white man did, by force, but this is simply not occurring in Australia, yet.

Unlike the Australian aboriginals, white man's culture has a say in how land, within white man's dominated countries, will be used.

I try to look at the world impartially; this often doesn't go down too well with other people. It's like telling the truth that nobody wants to know about, you will make more enemies than friends telling it how it actually is, not what people desire it to be. The truth is often unacceptable where lies dominate our lives, our reality.
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