A Very Interesting Test, Indeed :)

This is one of those things that people can’t really explain, one of those things that you do and ask your self “how!?”. 98% of people that see and complete this strangely accurate test will have their minds blown… no joke! If your mind doesn’t for some strange reason get blown, you are in that 2% of people that think in a strange way.

You need to try this yourself to see that it actually works then share it with a friend to see if they get the same result.

Don’t write anything down or use a calculator, its simple stuff.

https://veryviral.com/98-percent-of-peop ... s-how-the/

(i was among the 2% weirdos) :}
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i almost thought like the 98 i guess i think... but then my mind changed while i was scrolling and picked my favorite color instead haha... so i guess im half normal half weird *shrug* ? hahaha i dunnos :p
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Considering red is a very vibrant and noticeable color (and usually the top amongst the list of people's favorite colors) and a hammer is really an iconic symbol of tools in general, the outcome of this test doesn't really prove much but statistics, really

Nonetheless, I got red hammer
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That makes the most sense to me, I too, said red hammer and right after i said it i knew that I would be one of the 98%...it is hard to explain, I just knew, like consciously noticing a subliminal message or something? IDK.
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