And And Now - The StarSeed Quiz :)

100 quick questions for those so inclined... including

No Yes 1) Do you enjoy thunderstorms?
No Yes 2) Do you have gray, green, or hazel eyes?
No Yes 3) Do you have higher/lower than average body temperature?
No Yes 4) Are you a sensualist ? (someone who likes touching/being touched)
No Yes 5) In general, do you have lower than average blood pressure?
No Yes 6) Do you enjoy being alone?
No Yes 7) Are you, above average, empathetic?
No Yes 8) Are there blond or red hair factors in your gene pool?
No Yes 9) Do you occasionally (or, more often) sleep in the nude?
No Yes 10) Are you an avid reader?
No Yes 11) Do you have a more than average, negative reaction to humidity-heat?
No Yes 12) Do you feel you are different from those about you?

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