real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

namaste min venn
I call you all "friend" because in the world I would have all folk could truly be friend to one another. Even though this is not that world, I choose to persist in my choice to treat all in first meet as "friend" rather than an unknown. Perhaps, in some views, that makes me gullible as it opens me to finding out that such is not the case...but I would counter that while in the 90% of time that it proves to be true, the other 10% more than balances out the median and thus I feel like I am further ahead in the world. And besides, the jaded view of life is truly dated....

That being said, I am in the midst of helping one here and thus I think it is something that I should share. As a place to get started, from the stand point of my practice, these are some basic things. If they help you, then great.....if not, then perhaps you are not reading into the context here as well as you should? I have title of this thread set as it is mainly because; in my nearing to 40 years of walking in this world, I have yet to encounter an instance where folks did not attempt to capitalize on wisdom. Since I am firmly of the belief that one of the foremost fundamental ills in this world stems from the existence of "capital" in any of it's forms, the most brusque and salacious thing I can think to do is offer actual wisdom and learning without a price-tag attached. I post here, as I have, for nearing to 10 years by the site's counter (though in actuality more like nearing 12 years, since the original invocation of indigosociety had a couple hiccups and my original join date would have been in late 2006/early 2007) with entire intention that follows a few simple strictures:
I am aware that my specific beliefs and life experiences may not have any relative impact on anyone besides myself.
My experiences are my own, one may take the exact same steps and thus have an entirely different experience...that is actually more probable than not because of how the spheres of reality/ether and their interactions between each other actually work.
As such; you are free to criticize or comment upon that which I say but with the knowledge that in doing so you have read the above and are logically capable of understanding what it implies...and also, if I may request, you do so with a sense of honor, dignity, ethical standing, and maturity. You are not "required" to believe a single word that I write, you are absolutely entitled to have your own beliefs and creeds...but I truly believe in that which I share. As I accord respect and dignity to my digression from that which you may believe, I ask that you accord me the same.
As a sub-note to the above: even if what I have to say does not directly assist you but, instead, inspires you (for positive or negative) to THINK and thus delve deeper into any specific subject then if you would be so kind to do so...let me know? I am absolutely capable of talking to and working with people from all walks of life and happy to discourse and debate (in a respectful fashion) as long as the overall intent is to achieve better understanding. If all you have to say is "this is xyz and I don't believe it because xyz!" then I respectfully accept your opinion and I ask that you relay whatever you feel is necessary to me, specifically, without intention to derail this thread.

Okay, all that to the side now...let's actually begin:

So, the current question topic is about astral projection. How to do it, how to contact those whom have passed on, etc. To that specific situation I have the following to share:
first I would suggest you read this post: -

following understanding of that, there is this:

For this, there are a couple different things you can try before trying projection or other methods. How experienced are you with metaphysical work? Have you worked with any specific things (crystals, circles, Gnostic work, Wiccan rituals, etc)? I am happy to try to help you but in order to best do so I need to know a bit more about you and the situation.

after a reply, we have the following set of question which is also applicable to anyone wishing to extend beyond simple metaphysical work and work with things such as astral projection/dreamwalking/shamanism:

When I was young and my Grandmother started teaching me seiðr-ways she would ask me about my dreams. Specifically, she would ask if there were any animals that appeared in my dreams? If so, what animals? How often did they appear in my dreams? When they did, what did they typically do? How did I feel about them? And so, since I do not know your age, I will ask you the same....assuming you are older than this, starting when you were about say 6 did any of the above questions apply? Animals appearing in dreams, specifically any animal in specific showing up in more than one dream? If so, what did they do? How did you feel about them? How did you react to them in the dream(s)?
While it may seem strange to ask the above, the reason is that in the shamanistic view of the world we have not only elemental influences in our metaphysical makeup, but also animal influences...spirit guides...etc. In order to best help you move forward having a basic understanding of those things in terms of how they relate to you specifically will help me to better understand how to help you approach the solution to your request.

The second thing i would mention is stones. You note that you have worked with crystals, and that is very good. From that, though, I am going to need a bit more insight. Stones can be guides and allies, much as can spirit animals, herbs, etc.....but stones have their own energy and ways of working that one must learn. Some folk have affinity for stones, some sadly do not. The crux of that seems to pivot around the difference between whether the person is capable of calming their mind enough to take in what a stone is communicating versus not being able to do so. In today's world with so many things going on all the time, and constant bombardment by electronic devices and their emanations, it is harder than ever to calm the mind enough to be able to truly focus on something as subtle and quiet as the communication from a stone. But if you can do so, a whole new range of possibilities opens for you. Stones can be profoundly powerful in your works, which is why some stones were much preferred over others by our ancestors (because the value of a thing had more to do with how it made a person feel or what it did for them than simply the status of possessing it). Thus, I will ask: Which stones do you feel a connection with? What stones do you currently have that you work with as a metaphysical practice? Do you cleanse your stones to rid them of unwanted or negative energy after working with them? If so, how? If not, why? Do you make circles or patterns with your stones? Do you feel inclined to carry specific stones with you at different times? Do you find stones in the wild, like while you are on a stroll....or do you go to shops, etc. to purchase specific stones?

These are a start along the path of seiðr. While it has many names across many more cultures, the concept is the same.

for those who already have eyes to see, and have held this knowledge from all, I pity will never succeed fully in your endeavors, no matter what you do
for those that do not have those eyes and happen here: open your eyes and SEE...learn what it is to SEE, not only one another but the world around will find it desperately needs you...

Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

Dagur breytinga - Day of Change

Namaste min venn, I hope today finds you all well and good. Today marks a change in things as many know
what that change is and how far reaching it will be is yet to be determined of course
existence within the myriad of possibles that converge to form each of our singular "Now" means that there is no set course
until the course is set

I, for one, feel this is a harbinger of good things.
I felt the coolness in the air, as Nana-Suen/Sin/Luna/Mani shrouded Sol, the experience was electrifying
Although around the country I live in, and around the world, there is much upset and much negative
I hold to hope, as I have learned to, that the Path forward for all of us leads to wisdom
to change for the better, to knowledge, to improvement of ourselves and our neighbors

adumbrae et lumis otium
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

In La'Kech is a Mayan phrase that Domingo Martínez Parédez (1904–1984) translated as "In Lak'ech" ("You are my other I.") (Martínez 1964: 26-27). The phrase is a verbal representation of the fact that Monadic Consciousness is interconnected within a Fabric of Consciousness. Like the Hindu phrase Namaste it is an acknowledgement of our shared, collective, Divinity.
- Wikipedia nov2017

This singular phrase that contains so much was a pivotal point in my own awakening.
When I truly became able to think, muse, contemplate and feel the warp and weft of the Algorithm it was there
It became a truth that I learned, ingested, and hold to
for in truth we are all connected, we are all one

Today I happened, probably not by coincidence (because those things are fallacy) upon this and I would share it with you:
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

Namaste vinir mínir. So much is happening all the time that, at least for me, sometimes it is hard to find a moment to just sit and write down that which I have seen. This is troubling because, in my mind, the job of a Noida or seiðmaðr is to see and share that knowledge with the tribe.....since my "tribe" is rather limitless using this venue it is somewhat troublesome not to be able to have the time to stop and output the results of wanderings within. Thus, I am grateful, when I have a spare moment to reflect upon events and ruminate over that which I have seen.

This morning, as I drove to work, I came to a realization about human beings that I think is worthy of sharing. I have long been juxtaposed between fascination and horror when it comes to our species. I am speaking in general terms, not specifics at the moment, so please keep that in mind. In general terms, however, our species is quite inclined to paradox I believe. We have such capacity for amazing things...kindness, generosity, determination, intuition, creativity, ingenuity, industriousness, to name a few. But we have also capacity for diminishing things....greed, envy, hatred, war, pain, suffering, ruin, spite, malice, etc. While it is the path of us all, I believe, to balance these things within ourselves, our actions, and our lives...I see too often people that do not do so, they take the easy roads, they chose the lesser paths...never seeing that in doing so they damage themselves. It becomes less and less often, as we go along, that I see people choosing to help rather than, granted, this could simply be isolated to the area I live, out here there is definitely a bent of "dog eat dog" moreso perhaps than there would be in other places.......could be a result of the country I live in, America is definitely far from what it was founded as and has become a bloated, venal, and bucolic nation in general...the people here, regardless of the many things that divide them, are unhappy in general but tend to look out only for themselves first. Even those in the lowest caste of this society, however, tend to have it better than poor folk in other parts of the world...although we do not see them either. But as I read and travel and see, I believe this is the case all over the world. This is a very sad thing because it means we have forgotten more than we have learned.

Our species made it this far due to adaptability, ingenuity, determination, and industriousness. But as we progressed in the passed one hundred years technologically speaking, we have digressed in that which makes us human. We have become lazy, venal, arrogant, and prone to causing harm. In the past, this usually results in a rectification of some kind....seemingly natural. I believe it is the result of the planet trying to maintain harmony and balance, because we are a part of it as it is a part of us...we are connected. That being said, at this point, I believe too many people want and need an absolute "ending" scenario to proceed....wipe the slate clean, hit the reset button, etc. What they do not understand about that is the impact it will have....true, it will balance out nature, it will wipe away the veneer of "life as we know it" which we have constructed and built primarily upon many delusions and lies....

but it will put our species into extremis, which - I grant you - we might need in order to progress and harden up again, but will not go down in any way like we imagine it will. And this is not even close to the first time we have walked this path and worked on this many times must we rise and fall before we get it?

That is my thought and that is what I want to share - why does it take extreme situations before we snap awake and remember what it is to be people? To do right? To do good to one another? Why do we always rise to a pinnacle, become lazy, venal, and self-destructive then fall and rebuild it all again....that seems like nothing short of insanity, doesn't it.....trying to do the same things over and over again and expecting different results? What we need, more than anything, is to remember the values that we learned in extremis the last time and move forward TOGETHER as a species....not as races, or colors, or religions, or nations or people, as humanity.
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

This is a piece I did about 2 years ago, called Truths. The words are norwegian, simply they mean "Be you, Know you, Love you."

While the context might seem morbid because of the skull, it is not intended as such. Rather, I feel like one of the things most of us forget is simple truth....starting with the fact that we are mortal, we have only so much time order to make the most of that, really, we first must be ourselves, know whom we are, and learn to love whom we are. Kind of like an expansion on the Latin dictum "temet nosce" with the addition of the third statement because I firmly believe that you cannot give what you do not have. Ergo, if you do not have love you cannot give it.
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

Namaste min venner, I am grateful to you that take the time to read my words
it is my hope, always, that even if you do not agree with my words or views
even if we are from completely different walks of life, ways of being
if any part of what I share makes a difference for you, then for that reason I am glad to take the time to write
for we need inspiration in this world, and if any of my words help that
then, truly, I am humbly grateful to have been able to do so

it is for this reason that I started writing here many years ago
and continues to be the reason for my writing today
hope....gratitude....reaching for wisdom
these are the focus of my intent
I am glad for the path I have walked, it has taught me so many things
not all of which I learned easily, of course, because I am human
and error prone, stubborn, and capably of great fallibility
but I am learning as I go along, as we are all meant to (I believe)
learning how to learn, learning how to think
these are our greatest tools, our greatest gifts, in my opinion
the Gods saw fit to give us the true spark of life and creativity
imagination, intuition, ingenuity

Some people in this world have not found their way along their path as of yet
or, believing they have, they follow a more difficult path than they really need to
I, personally, do not care what you choose to believe in...what names you choose to use
or which pantheon you choose to venerate
or not, as may be your inclination
you are free in this world to choose and learn these things
that is part of the path for all of us, learning our way and learning ourselves
and it would be simply arrogant and wrong, on my part, to demand or expect that you believe as I do

and, in fact, I believe that is the truth for ALL beliefs

no one, no single being, has the right to force you to capitulate to a system of belief or being
to do so in anathema to the creative force that is in this universe
and, I am sorry to say, anyone whom tells you otherwise is deluded and inaccurate
and those that go further, and kill in the name of their beliefs claiming righteousness
are frankly insane, deluded, and wholly out of balance and not following the path that is life
no one human has the right to kill another, in my opinion, save for in the defense of one's own life or the life of another
it is simple as that, because life is a gift that we are given and none have the right to take that gift from us
although many believe they are justified in doing so

granted, there are circumstances that require a more lethal approach
pragmatism and grounded logic dictate that situations are not always dichotomy
however, it should never be the emotional choice that takes life
for that is often a choice that is not made with anything approaching thought or wisdom

all of that being said, I want to share my reason for writing today
for the past several years I have had series dreams, dreams that come in short waves, often repeated
this has been going on basically my whole life, but I have really paid attention more deliberately within the past decade
usually my dreams run parallel to my life that is yet to be, by that I mean I tend to abstractly dream about my own instances in future events
I know those types of dreams from others because of how they feel, for lack of a better way to put it
and usually, at the time I have them, they just seem like abstracted, odd dreams...usually about places/people/events that are familiar to me and things happening
and usually running about 6 months to a year out in advance of when things occur
that suddenly make sense of the abstract images in the dream
sort of like déjà vu but much more profound
yesterday I had an occurrence of this that prompts me to write today
about a year ago, when I was living in North Dakota, I had a series of dreams about a specific part of the town I work in
and that has been kind of a nexus of my life
Lewiston, ID
specifically, I had a series of dreams that focused around a particular intersection, the intersection of Thain Rd. and Burrell Ave. in the Orchards
which is an interesting nexus for me because it is right next to the school I attended as a kid
Burrell is the road I used to walk down to visit my grandma and to get home from school
ergo, I spent a lot of time as a kid and throughout my years in this specific area for a variety of reasons
yesterday, I had to go up to the Orchards to feed my Dad's dogs because he is away for medical reasons this weekend
and so, after I fed the dogs, I started on my way home and ended up and the intersection of Burrell Ave. and Thain Rd. facing east right around 4:30pm
I pulled into the left turn lane, which has you cross two lanes of traffic on Thain to get into the northbound lane headed down Thain road
now, usually I am very prompt about my driving, as I spent many years racing and so on when I was younger
and I still test my reflexes and reaction times at stop lights to keep my skills honed, because that is how I am
but yesterday, at the moment the light turned green, I hesitated a bit because part of the dream I had a year ago popped into my head
and I was trying to remember exactly what it was about, because it had happened right there...

and in the moment I hesitated, a truck that was probably going 40 MPH barrelled through the intersection and red light....

if I had gone, like I normally would have, I would have been in an accident for sure. There was no way he could have stopped and he clearly was not paying attention. But *something* stalled me at precisely the right moment to give me pause enough to notice that vehicle and thus avoid what may have been a potentially fatal, for both of us, accident.

Now, I will tell you, this is not the first time that something like this has occurred for me. I have several stories along this line, but this one is the one I will share for now.

And I share this because, in my opinion, the Gods stood beside I have stood beside them and tried to bring remembrance of their names to the hearts and minds of those around me, through word and action, for nearly a decade now.
You can call it luck, or circumstance, or happenstance or whatever you wish to call it.
But for me, it is another in a line of things that have happened in my life that show me without a doubt in my mind
that we are, all of us, SEEN and KNOWN and LOVED
even when we think we are not, even if we do not want to be, even if we think we do not deserve it
we are.

I am grateful to be able to write another day
I am grateful that you may stop here and read this and through it find hope
if you do so, then I ask you, go out in the world and spread that hope and light to your friends and family
for in the end, whatever our lives are, in it we have each other

In Lak'ech Ala K'in, Jeg ser Deg!
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

Namaste min venn
I had two things that I was inspired to write about today
so I will start with this one, and if time allows today I will write the other
or if not today then when I am able

As this is a "new year" by our conventional calendar
it is often customary to invite the new and do away with the old at this time
in many cultures
as such, I think we need to do some of that housekeeping
but on a mental, real, emotional level
as a species and as our respective societies

right now, in the world, there are many issues at hand
many of which could escalate into horrendous things
all of which would result in death and pain for people
this is the cycle of things that we have seen for the duration of our memory as a species
and it is, altogether, unnecessary

we know this, but we persist in it
for a wide variety of reasons
none of which, truthfully, are nearly as important as we make them out to be
and some of which, if we were able to see how we have been used, are truly repulsive

be that as it is, I think one of the things to start with is recognition of ourselves and our roots
I think that is an important thing, and I believe most folk from most cultures would agree
know whom you are - temet nosce - vit deg
and know where you come from
for good or for ill
and take pride in your ancestors
in being part of their continued existence
for their world was far harsher than we can imagine
learn from their successes, learn from their mistakes, and reach beyond them
and this should hold true for you


and the reason I bold that statement is that in the world today there are many people
from many different walks of life and many different thoughts and ways of being
all of whom think they are doing the best they can
that have forgotten that things like FREEDOM, RESPECT, and HONOR
are nothing more than platitudes unless they hold true for EVERYONE
and I mean across the board here

If you believe holding YOUR freedom or ANOTHER's freedom as more important and by doing so seek to remove freedom from ANY other's
you are doing it wrong, and you are not a champion of freedom, you are a fascist....sorry, truth hurts

if you believe denigrating ANYONE for their RACE, CREED, GENDER or BELIEFS makes you anything other than a bigot
you are delusional, even if you are the most liberal person on the planet
and, by the way, in the above that includes all the current people attacking people of European descent
because frankly, to those who say "Black Lives Matter" I agree with you....and if it stopped there then I would respect it more
but, because people simply cannot think things through it hasn't
and instead now there is so much riotous and "righteousness" calling for "white people" and "men" to apologize and feel shame
and frankly,

I am a male of Sami/Norse/German/English/French/Irish/Welsh/and Germanic descent. I am PROUD to be whom I am, I HONOR my ancestors for whom they were and the good they brought to the world. I see their "mistakes" and I see their shortcomings, but those are the choices THEY made, not me. MY HONORING MY ANCESTORS DOES NOT DENIGRATE YOU IN ANY WAY!

and you are free to disagree with that, because that is TRULY freedom
just as much as I am free to feel it, live it, and believe it

and I wish, with all of my heart, that more of you out there truly KNEW your roots
truly felt connected to your past
so we could actually learn and actually grow as a people
instead of letting pettiness rule
and vengeance and retribution hold host to today

I see some of the folk who are amongst my lineages remembering themselves and their ancestors
and this is is good
while I see many others who have it absolutely wrong
and are using it as a reason to justify divisiveness and anger
and this is sad, but unfortunately should be accepted in order to continue with freedom
given time hopefully they will learn differently, but that takes effort
but I damn sure am tired of being heaped alongside them simply because I choose to honor what I know is truth and good

one time, when I was young, my grandmother told me some of the stories from the Prose Edda before I had a chance to read them myself
when I read them later, she would talk to me about them and asked me what I thought about them
she told me once that in the old times, when Trygvasson the Betrayer took the freedom from Norway by forcing Christianity upon the people
under pain of death
that there was a portent seen
that one day, in the future, the North would rise again
the Æsir would rise again
and rebuild the world, rectify wrongs and put things to right

I see that beginning now, and it is not only the Æsir that need be remembered and brought back into our world
it is all of the gods of old, for they were part of our ancestors...part of our way
which is why, part of the litany I recite very often is

Heil the gods of old, in me you are remembered and shall rise again. I shall strive to bring honor to your names and remembrance of your names to hearts of those around me. I shall do so through word and action. And I shall walk beside you until the end of my days. Thank you for walking beside me!

Jeg ser deg!
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

namaste min venner

This past weekend was quite eventful for me. As we spin further along in this stream of time, I feel we are nearing a critical point again. Perhaps I am wrong, I do not pretend to be a completely accurate seer...I believe this is truthfully an impossible task for any of us because we live in a fractalized instance of the Physical at all times....multi-layered, like a stack of pancakes or like the rings of an onion perhaps....and we pass in between these layers of possible frequently. Thus, at any given point, you and I could be interacting from completely different sets of possible and not really know it, the minutiae involved usually fly under the radar for most folks. It is only at major junction points that the possibles fully diverge, and I feel we are nearing one such soon. The evidence I see for this is ample, it is a cyclic function of this possible...a thinning of the Veils between the Physical and Etheric that often is a catalyst for major change in the Physical. The last periodic thinning occurred around a century ago, and I believe was directly responsible for the advent of WWI and WWII and the events that took place in them as a result...which then consequently resulted in major movement forward for all relative possibles from then forward towards more technological progression and advancement of our species. We overcame a great, malevolent force that intruded here against many odds and with great sacrifice. But, we overcame. However, in the scheme of things, this only ups the ante in the long run...and we are, I think, almost to the point of facing the next major round. If you look around and listen, you will find the evidence of this fairly easily I believe, but I encourage you to look and find it for yourself and think about it for yourself.

This past weekend, while visiting with friends, we shared an interesting experience that then resulted in a chain of events. We gather periodically to drink and play games and enjoy each others' company, as I am sure (and hope) many of you do with your friends. This evening, we chose to play Cards Against Humanity, which is (I feel) an interesting game for a variety of reasons. The humor aspect is quite dark, and it fits with a lot of people's outlook on life right now...we have passed through a very dark point for the past several years, so the result is that people are jaded, cynical, sarcastic, and thus need a release of those emotions. While this is a healthy thing to do, CAH is also more than just a card/party game. It has been infused with those emotions, and is an amplifier for them. As such, given the right circumstances and the right group of people, it can be a call to things that prey upon those emotions well. Such was the case, I feel, for us this past Saturday...because three of us at this table are in varying stages of "awake" and active in metaphysical work, so the energy for that focus to work was definitely present. About halfway through our game (which, by the way, can also be valuable to see insight in others and have a wonderful amount of subtext communications) one of the players picked up a bottle cap on the table, that had not had any liquid in it, and we found the below mark in the wood on the table:
Now, I do not believe in coincidences whatsoever. If you do, that is fine, but I have seen far too much to think that way any longer. I snapped several pictures before it faded away. I think, given the events that followed, it is not coincidence that the image is what it is. Look at it, and then this:
If you know the source of the second image then you will understand. If you do not know the real source and reason for the second image, I encourage you to study a bit and understand what our American currency really is. The physical notes are a physical binding spell that was designed many years ago and that we carry willingly upon ourselves to bind us into an old, and very malevolent, intention. An interesting work that I have on this in my personal library is: ... B0009A0H0E

At any rate, the symbol faded but afterwards there was definitely a more pronounced presence in the house. As the game tapered off I started to feel pretty ill, something was definitely prodding my physical and metaphysical defenses. We ended up drifting off to bed, but I could not chest was compressing and tightening. I felt as if something were trying to squeeze my heart (this is not the first time this has happened by the way, there are those that seem to think that my heart is a weak spot because they are quite foolish). I happen to carry nitroglycerin pills on me just in case though, and I ended up popping one and having my partner take me to the ER. EKG showed normal, temp was low, bloodwork came back about as goofy as mine normally does. Eventually, I was able to get it to pass and calmed and was released. As I said, this is not the first time this has happened and while I can only suspect at the true, individual source I will say this much:

You will not stop me in this way. I have many more allies both here and in the Ether than you can imagine. I do not flex myself in the way you do because I feel it is wrong to do so, we do not have the right to utilize our gifts to this end. Given the flow of the Physical and the Ether; while it may not happen today, right now, or even a year from now you will reap several-fold back what you sow. You have no power over me, and you would be wise to cease for your own safety. Find your path out of the dark to balance.

That said, I will now share the second thing I saw this weekend. I want you to consider this image of Laniakea, this is the supercluster of stars our solar system and galaxy belongs to. I have mentioned it in my writing several times now since being made aware of it because it is a crucial thing I feel.
I was given an insight this past weekend about light, and stars. Stars emit light, photons and solar radiation, constantly. Light travels at, not surprisingly, the speed of light. Now, given what we know about light (which is, actually, only a small bit) why have we never considered that consciousness, data, even perhaps an ability to project physical matter - could transmit as light? We kind of have, we utilize fiber optics now to move data in our networks. We use focused lasers to interact with physical material. But in stars we have a constantly powered, natural, abundant source of photons and light moving all throughout the galaxy and universe at all times. Why then could we not learn to use that and "surf" on it, like we do the currents of water in an ocean? Think about it :D

Jeg ser deg!
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