Baba Vanga predicted whether the EU will collapse, Russia would become "a halo over the planet." A strange and mysterious to this day the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga predicted before his death in 1996 that the end of the world - "for several years" to begin in Syria! Of course, it remains unclear what she meant by "the end of the world."
She said, in an unknown and only recently released prophecy that 2012 will be a year of global change on the planet, and that will be the end of it - Syria. In other words, she said, Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon 2012, will be the beginning of the planet ... But any beginning?
It is you, now, but back in 1996, predicted that "Syria will be in the center of events that will bring humanity the world crisis of unprecedented dimensions and global changes". Vanga was then told that "the government of Syria to fall," and the next ...?
Vanga, despite at first glance apocalyptic predictions of our future, and left a glimmer of "light":
- However, the time will come serenity in ancient teachings. They ask if that time will come soon? Not yet. But Syria will tumble at the feet of the winner, but the winner would appear to not be the one who everyone thinks it will be said shortly before his death August 1996.
Ugly destiny of Europe?
It was during that of his prophecies, they say, is predicted Nelep fate of Europe:
"Europe can not possibly rejuvenate!" In other words, to provide a much less rosy future of the EU, other rečima- destruction.
On the same occasion, during one of the last speeches of his neighbor, Wang spoke in the continuation of the prophecies about the future of the world, primarily seen through the fate and behavior of the United States, as well as its future president. Her prophecies were imposed precisely at a time when the political rise was the current US President - Barack Obama, whom she apparently "seen" as a future head of state! Short said:
"America will elect a president, but they will soon realize that fear is worse than love, and short, not enough," clearly said Wang.
And Obama began the first term as president until 2009. Vanga that occasion, in broken sentences on predictions fate of the world, she said something about Russia, which has always been considered, in simple terms, "the leading force of the Planet" ...
"Everything will melt like ice, only one will remain untouched glory of Russia. It will once again become a great empire, primarily empire of the spirit. Russia will emerge as a halo above the Earth."
Vanga in this, one of the last moments in this world, and said that he would "soon in the souls of men perform change and that humanity will then enter into a new era" ... It is this "transition", she said, will also mark the beginning - the end of the world . Wang, however, left, and "opened window" of mankind for its survival ...
It's amazing that the prophecies of Vanga, especially Syria and Russia of our day, coincide with the prophecies of Russian "holy fathers" back to the Middle Ages!
So Theophanes of Poltava, there was written, said in the 14th century that it will happen "because no one expected Russia will be resurrected from the dead and all the world will be amazed." Theophanes adds: "Orthodoxy in Russia will be reborn and to be celebrated. " However, he says, Orthodoxy as it once was will not be - God will set on the throne of the mighty Emperor ...!
And one of the most revered Russian saints of all time, Seraphim of Sarov us, in addition to a multitude of prophecies, he sent a message that can be interpreted as a direct prediction of future events around Syria today.
His words that "the Lord God will bring salvation, not only Russia, but also to the Council at the time of the Antichrist, experts compare and almost equalized with Vangina prophecy that he would" dominate the teaching of the White brotherhood "or, in other prophecies," Tierra del Bible. " Or to her about our day and the crisis over Syria.
Many experts believe that the "messages" of Russian medieval saints and Vange a "compliant" - leading to the sources of our knowledge and confirmed by the myths of the Aryans!
Who survives wars begin a new life
Vanga was "the end of the World" predict, for consolation, though, as - start new: -They will come a day when a lie disappear from the face of the Earth.
There will be no violence and theft. They'll stop wars, and those who are still alive will understand its value and will keep him as the "apple of the eye".
Earth will enter a new era which I call - time benefactor. This time does not depend on us - what will occur whether we like it or not. New time will require a completely different opinions and attitudes, knowledge, completely different, well, people will not disturb the harmony of the Cosmos ..., she said, because before her death Vanga.
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