A+: Krystle Cole - The Total Virgo, Goth Stripper, & LSD Expert

I just stumbled upon this and was "overwhelmed" -- I had previously viewed some of her videos on the use of entheogens, and she came across as a "typical Virgo", my favorite sun sign in women :). She was intelligent, organized and presented the material in a very erudite and "appropriate" manner. To discover that she was a goth stripper and had lived in a missile silo, preparing strange brews, and was busted by the DEA, was just too much :) But, thinking back to my various liaisons with luscious Virgo women i recalled that while they looked like angels, and were seemingly "always" demure, somewhat shy and usually appropriate, underneath......... KC, wherever you are -- you are just excellent (except for the end story, re Todd being turned in, etc.)


And, her channel -- actually much great info there, and always well presented


About her from some years ago

https://indigosociety.com/showthread.php ... rippy-Lady
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