[QUOTE=AmentiHall;729961]Yes it can go wrong, as it is right now. There is lots of effort, intervention and help, but earth may be a lost case :)[/QUOTE]

Yes it may be......a lost cause......

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[QUOTE=tmt;860466]...I see him as a bad ass who essentially came to give the Jews the proverbial finger...

...he said a few choice words that were translated as "forgive them, they know not what they do."...

...Jesus as a kick ass dude that was very in your face with his way of being. He wasn't humble, he was honest..

...That's a bad ass move. Not humble, hell no! Over the top shit no one else could even imagine doing... :)[/QUOTE]

I'm with you TMT-- Jesus was Punk Rock ALL the way!

Smashed up temples in the name of the TRUTH and told hypocrites that they were full of BS.

I know what his "choice words" would originally have been:

"Get %$#@&# you ignorant #@&% I'll die before I admit you @#$%& were right."

hahahahahahaaa don't you love chinese whispers LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Yeah man, Jesus is my home boy. Heart of gold and not scared of a thing.
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Here is a great scene from the finale of Smallville between Lex and Clark. Yeah, I know Clark is supposed to be the good guy but anybody who has seen the show from the very beginning dating back 10 seasons would know that Clark has a dark side too even Lana from the first season stated, "I didn't know you had a dark side."

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First things first - *high five*

[QUOTE=serenesam;860895]Yeah, keep working you slaves - https://au.ibtimes.com/articles/25271/20 ... ectron.htm[/QUOTE]

You see this shit-- that's order. That is born of light. The same BS that is messing with the natural way. Chaos/Dark/Lucifer/Satan would never allow this. I am sad that they are so enslaved by the light like that. The chaos WILL express itself, unfortunately this is one way.

[QUOTE=serenesam;860893]Yes it may be......a lost cause......


In the immortal words of Jim Morrison :

"You know the day destroys the night; night divides the day"

Right now the earth is in the suffocating and controlling grip of the light.
The dark is preparing to step in and divide the truth from the lies, Jesus style.

I have a whole other theory on this... it's got nothing to do with "free will" LOL.
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I always found it rather strange that Lucifer is considered evil and against God. The true translation is Adversary, not enemy. That he can be so far from Grace of God and also given the Earth, God's footstool, for his dominion is rather puzzling, don't you think? I believe his 'fall" is part of a seasonal change, just like our fall/autumn. And even if he is an 'enemy'. Didn't Jesus say love your enemy like your brother?

I have interacted many times with Lucifer. He is a compassionate being about his Earth and his responsibilities. He calls me daughter, insisted on calling me that in fact. Just like every other being that I have met in the ethereal, he is much different from people and has a different measure, moral compass, than people normally have. I can see him as the "father of lies" because he is a "lineman" as I like to say, he actually does Earth alignment with the ley lines. I went with him once and was able to help in a small way.

One can interpret the writing of the Bible in the way one has been taught to interpret them, or one can choose to think out of the box and see things in a perspective that may be radically different from what the Church says it means. This is not an innovative concept, it is a view taken by many 'Christians' and has resulted in so many variations of Christianity they do not even recognize each other as being religions of the same faith. I read the canonized writings, the writings of other systems of faith, and I contemplate what I read within my heart and my own personal experience. I do not consider myself a Christian any more than I consider Jesus a Christian. I am a gnostic and I believe in a personal relationship with our Creator, his creations, and self. All systems of faith have a golden thread of truth and one is no better than the next. That is to say, one system does not explain and bring to their flock our Heavenly Father better than any other. I believe they all capture aspects and nuances of our Creator, who is a being really too beyond our concepts to begin to explain, let alone grasp in full understanding. We barely grasp the concept of 'brother' between races of people. We are nowhere near understanding the concept of Universal love which is the heart, in my opinion, of our Creator.

[QUOTE=Know the Truth;860781]There are many things I find very interesting about some of the ideas floating around out there about the Christian faith. And by "interesting," I mean puzzling.

This is my opinion based on things I've experienced - -

Lucifer hasn't been a benevolent being since he turned his back on God and fell from grace - - and that was long before the fall of man. Yes, Lucifer was ONCE an angel. He is now a FALLEN angel, and he will always be one.

Lucifer likes to deceive. In the Bible, he is called the "Father of All Lies" for a reason. He often appears to people and interracts with them in a seemingly benevolent way. He'll tell you ANYTHING you want to hear. The devil can make you feel love for him or give you "enlightening" experiences, like the OP describes. He will make you think he is your ally and best friend.

He does this, not because he loves anyone, he can't love anymore because he has willfully and permanently separated himself from that source. Lucifer DESPISES all of humankind. He tries to win souls over to his side to get back at God. Lucifer hates God and hates all of God's creation - - and that includes ALL of us.

If you are having benevolent feelings for Lucifer, please understand it is because he is trying to deceive you.[/QUOTE]
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The Muslims believe in Jesus, they see him as a messenger/prophet and they venerate his mother. They have their views based on Mohammed, their own choice being that they use to build their system of faith. I always thought it interesting that Mohammed was taught by memorization of the Quran because he was illiterate. The angel that taught him was said to be Gabriel and everytime Mohammed was incorrect in his recitation of the words, Gabriel would hit him in the face. Talk about your tough teachers, sheesh. I don't know how hard an angel can hit but I imagine it was a memorable smack. I mean, he did get Mohammed to learn the text verbatim No easy feat, Muslims constantly read that book to learn it by heart all their lives.

Jesus was not punished on the cross, he fulfilled the work of his father and that was part of the work he had to do. Do you really think he couldn't have intervened on his own behalf? He is the word made flesh and he could care less if people want to talk the walk or walk the talk. He did what he needed to do and in doing so, created a situation that allowed all people a doorway to the Heavens. The real reason he came was to liberate the patriarchs and prophets of the Jewish faith from Hades. He was able to accomplish that task by the cross, not the form of death but by the actions that brought an innocent man to be on the cross for the sole purpose of relieving themselves of their responsibility to their own transgressions. That is why Pilate was so careful to make it known he was not in agreement with the allegations or the outcome of the trial of Jesus.

Jesus is not stuck in Heaven doing paperwork, lol. He tells me, he is retired and does whatever he wants with his time. He has his own interests and endeavors beyond humanity, believe me. We are not his concern. Sin is off the table, we choose our own reward by our own actions and beliefs. There Ten Commandments are irrelevant, as they were part of the covenant of Moses and Creator. Jesus brought in the New and Everlasting Covenant which only carries one law: Love.


Alot of people on this site are about understanding these things, they are neutral and doesn't take sides which is ok, but it's basically an 'I dont care." From my expirence dealing with the unknown, the laws mentioned in the bible are law of the heaven, they are not man's law and only a few are able to follow them. These heaven law helps filter out the dirty stuff and leads a person to happiness, but I've spoken to several preacher and none of them can tell me where heaven is, thus their bible limited them. For example, don't kill. This is very true because if you can hear animal talk or feel their feeling, you'll feel,"It hurts." This is to the extreme, but it is true. Another one is hell, hell is real, it exist, it is a place to clean the dirt off of people so they can go to heaven. This is why you dont want to kill, rape, cheat, molest, violence. All of this has to be undone in hell before u can move on. For tyrants that has killed thousands of innocence on earth, they will be in alot of pain even after they are reborn several lifes; I know alot of people in this situation. Heaven, for sure has multiple levels, but i do not know its depth of realness yet because I am not dead yet, but I travel to heaven hundreds of time because of the work I do for father.

For those that do not believe in the bible, I'm not affiliated with any religion and not here to promote them, do you think these people would be better off without the bible? Here's one, I know of thousands of cases of animist that are tormented by the dead that converted to christianity and these demon/dead spirits has left them completely ever since. My thought is the Jesus figure is too powerful thus the demons/dead people can't come close. People addicted to street drugs that medicine or doctor cannot save or heal, converted to christian and through the good spirit, they have recovered completely and changed into giving goods back to this society.

This bring me to the conclusion that no matter how dumb or idiotic this christian/bible appears to others, people are more idiotic then it and really need it for guidance. In my opinion, those that follow the christian bible are good people and friends of mine. It was the christians and cathelics that brought many different kind of people to america to have a better life and a chance.

TMT: The muslim has their prophet/messenger, the caucasion has Jesus, the south asian has their buddhist, the Indian has their deities which I believe are very real, but the animist asian were not able to change or develop because your badass Jesus cut the wings of the son/prophet/messenger for this group while on his way down to earth. This group losted their kingdom/country because of this; now scattered around the world. Outside of america, they are mistreated and step on as the poorest lowest human group; not even considered human because they do not have a country of their own. The reason why China is red China is because they honor the red dragon. The red dragon is of earth and not heaven, it is violent and war like. This prophet did not make it to China to save its people which aren't chinese. This is why China is so huge; it is made of hundreds of group conquered by this ambitious red spirit dragon worshipping chinese. I know you have no clue what I'm talking about nor have you heard such thing, if you have the ability, travel to heaven through the huge heaven gate, there you will find your Jesus, not the shadow one talking to people on earth, but the real one. Ask him if this is true. I am just a messenger doing my job for father and this is what I found out that has been verified by many shamans since the time they lost their country/kingdom all the way up until now. These are shaman that do work for father, they are identical to saints, don't let the word shaman fool you. I ask a shaman lady, she is an oracle, why Jesus died on that cross and she told me, when father found out about what Jesus did to his other son, father was furious and punished Jesus on that cross. Jesus has plant and grown millions of followers on earth but he was not able harvest them because he is stuck in heaven doing never ending paper work at his desk. This is also punishment for what he did.[/QUOTE]
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[QUOTE=serenesam;860917]You mean this thread - https://indigosociety.com/showthread.php ... will/page3


HAHAHAAA very good! yes! that is a good chunk of it.

the rest is best explained by George Carlin as he describes the earth shaking us off like fleas.

we are in all likely hood absolutely falling in line as far as planetary energies go, I noticed you said before you don't really get into astrology. It is and it isn't astrology. It is for the simple notion that there are magnetics and gravitational forces that - within the limits of our current understanding - keep this little galaxy in check and keep our planet within a habitable distance from the sun. Oh how we underestimate these "weak" forces LOL it is these very forces and the associated energies/auras from neighbouring planets that emit various levels of EMF as they align, while following some predestined pattern - some we only see once in a lifetime, others never... it isn't in the sense that this is not just about believing in leprechauns; this is mathematics, something as predictable as the wax and wane of the moon.

Take all that lack of free will (including bio chemical) and EMF radiation from planetary proximity into consideration, you'll soon see that very little is left up to chance. Free Will is about knowing all this and being ahead of the curve. It scares the shit out of the light workers.
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“Who are you? “. I answered “Alloya “, he said “and what does Alloya mean”? I answered “all of you”. Lucifer said “so if you are everything then you must be me too”. As he said this something lit up inside me, I had the biggest realisation, he was the Creator too, and if I was the Creator then I was Lucifer too. As this realisation hit me, Lucifer pulled what was actually a mask from his face. Behind the façade of evil was an image of Christ as a baby, with the most incredible white light surrounding him, he whispered “come with me we are going to do something that has never been done anywhere in the whole of creation, we are going into the void” We passed together through the zero point the black hole in the very centre and I recreated myself more than the sum of my parts and created New Planet reality. The void welcomed me home. The void was the fertile soil in which I planted my seed of creation and New Planet was manifest, I then returned to walk with others along their journey. After this point I often had people write to me and tell me , that I was in their dreams and meditations guiding them , I had no conscious recognition of this what so ever .

As more and more people walk this path and enter New Planet, a hundred monkey affect will happen pulling the whole of creation through into the Void. All the different aspects that I had integrated representing all the other levels and the beings that reside on those levels will pass through too. . All races of beings are represented in my overall multidimensional identity. As I pass through the zero I take all others with me. Now some of these beings or races of beings will have problems with this. They will stop, unable to move into love for Lucifer and therefore are doing everything in their power to stop the process. You would think that it would be those of the dark realms which wish to stop the process; however this is not the truth. There are ascended beings that are refusing to love the darkness and pass through the zero point. These beings artificially ascended themselves into an artificial heaven, which has now become their prison. They are cut off from Source, the natural organic light of the Creator and are existing on artificial light and are creating artificial heavens. These heavens are not heavens at all but prisons. The ascended masters are teaching light workers on the planet ascension techniques which are not designed to aid you to walk through the underworld to find Lucifer, and pass into the void, no they are teaching the light workers how to ascend to these artificial heavens, which the light workers believe are on the fifth dimension, when in fact they are low fourth. Once they ascend there, they will become prisoners and become spiritual light food for these ascended masters who are incapable of walking this path themselves, because of their spiritual egotism.

They are not the only ones who are having a problem with passing through the zero point. The Annunaki are also resisting walking this path, they not only do not want to give up their power over the old planet reality, but they also fear their annihilation. They are ego beings in the extreme and are not willing to surrender to the process, this is why they are doing all they can to stop this transformation. They are building mobile phone masts, pylons etc all across the Earth to create a false matrix, so people will not wish to move on past the illusion and pass into New Planet. It is not working. Also there are various races such as the Draco Reptilians, they have messed about with their DNA, so much they no longer have a body which is capable of passing through the zero. They would cease to be, very sad. I believe this is why they are desperately breeding Reptilians with humans, they are trying to create for themselves, a body they can project their consciousness into, so they too can walk this way to New Planet. Many think they are in bed with Lucifer , this is incorrect , the being that most are referring to when they talk about Lucifer is not Lucifer at all but an imposter , he is in fact a Reptilian / Annunaki hybrid .. (p.4 Braiding the Self, Alloya)

https://alloya.com/PDF%20Files/main%20ar ... 20Self.pdf
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[QUOTE=Lady Neptune;860962]Reading that makes me trip out. It's exactly how I see it.[/QUOTE]

Kind of like that previous clip from Smallville when Lex tells Clark, "We have a destiny TOGETHER...only on different sides." Clark leaves by saying "Sorry, I couldn't save you Lex" though actually Clark may actually be the one that needs to be saved. :)
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[QUOTE=serenesam;860971]Kind of like that previous clip from Smallville when Lex tells Clark, "We have a destiny TOGETHER...only on different sides." Clark leaves by saying "Sorry, I couldn't save you Lex" though actually Clark may actually be the one that needs to be saved. :)[/QUOTE]

LOL yeah, in a sense, but the two are already merged in my mind. I talk of them separately because it's confusing for everyone otherwise. We experience it as a very slow battle where light is the majority, then the scales tip and dark becomes the majority, and that is true in the sense of the balance within earth's atmosphere. It only extends as far as the power of night and day however. It's an illusionary battle within perception, the whole religion thing, it's not at all real. The truth is it's not about who is going to "win" because this is a dark universe. That part of the "game" doesn't worry me, the light is wasting it's time fighting. It will dissolve back into the darkness eventually and remember.

I've been obsessed more recently with the idea of black holes and white holes, and that we absolutely are able to pass through that zero point - screw science - i just know it and I don't know why. the thing is there are heaps and they are the glue of the universe, these inter-dimensional worm-holes to various places, times and states of being. It makes me feel tense physically when I read papers by physicists who just outright deny it as a possibility. I've never been taught this as a kid and it goes against the grain of all my indoctrination, yet I can't get the images along with the intrinsic "knowing" out of my consciousness, almost like I've done it and it's natural, easy. I don't even question it any more. Science has no idea of what is actually possible, and it isn't possible to see it either, at least not now.
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[QUOTE=tmt;692469]Yep, he's a nice fellow. At least in my experience, he is very nice :)[/QUOTE]

"Lucifer is not evil he’s one of the Archangels, whose job it is to hold one of the poles. His love was so great that he was strong enough to do it. The Archangel Michael holds the other pole. They are both the same. (p. 52, Her Perspective, Alloya)."

Just gotta love the contradictions and paradoxes. :)

Then again, Dr. Doreen Virtue says Lucifer doesn't exist:

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[QUOTE=serenesam;861020]"Lucifer is not evil he’s one of the Archangels, whose job it is to hold one of the poles. His love was so great that he was strong enough to do it. The Archangel Michael holds the other pole. They are both the same. (p. 52, Her Perspective, Alloya)."

Just gotta love the contradictions and paradoxes. :)

Then again, Dr. Doreen Virtue says Lucifer doesn't exist:[/QUOTE]

"I would never deal with the energy called Lucifer, I am here to set the record straight that that's not part of the bible that's part of a novel..."

blah blah blah...

that quote right there is her lying... LOL
she has dealt with "Lucifer" and was terrified.
her visions of "hell" locked her mind into duality.
the woman is deluded. seriously. how boring for her.
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