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Hello community, I want to share something really special with you. The other day I was in the public transportation system, and I was thinking of how could be resume in one sentence, what it mean be "Awaking" and this frase come to my mind. Be subtle and slow as the sky, powerful as the son, and fast as a thunder. I would like to know, for you what this mean, or are you agree ? or disagree ? I will just share this though, each one of you take their own meaning. For you what does it mean been awaken. The best energies for all, and good vibes.
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Re: Inspring words

I think that there is some truth is that phrase. Awaking for me at least means realizing your true potential. You could say that the true potential of the sky is slow and subtle. The true potential of the sun could be powerful, for few thing are hotter and more powerful that the sun. And in a limit way, few thing are faster than thunder (if you leave out the speed of light). So again for me awaking means realizing your true potential.
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"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Re: Inspring words

To 'Awaken". This has nothing with reason, logic, or the narratives your mind plays with incessantly. It is to become aware, simply aware, of everything.
It begins with the sharpening of the senses into keen observational tools, 360 degree spherical vision observing your environment, imagine the observable wonders your other senses are capable of.

Now that you know awakened senses, awaken to observe the spiritual environment similarly, as above so below, but you're down here so begin awakened observing here.... then you will be awakened and you will know. You will know without reasoning mindfully.
Reason, logic and all your narratives belong to this physical world only, use them well while you're here.

Be subtle and slow as the sky, powerful as the son, and fast as a thunder

Subtle an slow as the sky...
the sky is anything but slow, however it is subtle and appears to be slow. Are you paying your attention to the illusion or are you awakened? Forget the lies your narrative insists upon.

Powerful as the sun...
What power? The sun beats down upon us with all it's fury every moment of every day and yet for all of its energy it moves nothing much other than water molecules from here to there. Compare this to the strength of a germinating seed, it is the culmination of generations of collecting the power of the sun... and we can observe anywhere the power of the seedling to lift hard soil or even destroy concrete in its own favour.

AS fast as a thunder...
Thunder is slow, the lightning is fast. How aware are you? Are you awakened enough to see that your response to thunder and lightning is faster than than you are?...
Hmmm, I love green clouds...

Observe the sky... Unthought Known, Peal Jam
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