Shaj wrote:Tell me one thing.
When finished, dou you feel satisfied by your results?
I am asking, because i am able to see known structures in there, but it feels like as if...let me think....these pieces of art lack some kind of sharpness.
Of course they are no fotographies, it is art, and they have a fascinating effect on me anyways. It´s just a thought that came up, when my mind tried to identify what my eyes did see.  Like a fog, disguising the view on what there is to see actually. Hard to explain for me.I am just curious.

Nearly missed this post, doh
Yes, i know what you mean,like fathomless and obscure and everytime i look i see something different.
I think we are all meant to see something different...hard to explain......
I feel like i have travelled to heaven and back when i finish one of these paintings.:)
LOve cheeneka x
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