Functioning with Anxiety / Depression ? (self employment)

hi everyone

so, from a western clinical standing, my condition is steadily worsening, but from an eastern spiritual standing, i'm doin just fine, all just drama to burn away the baggage.

the depression causing big ups (LETS BUILD A BOAT!!!) & downs (F**k everything in particular *stare at ceiling*).
takes me about 2 hours to muster the strength to get out of bed every morning

the anxiety... socializing feels pointless meaningless. I live in SE England where not partaking in small talk seems almost seems rude.
when interacting i cant help but home-in on (and expand) the subtle awkwardness, then its like *lets partake in this awkwardness together...PANIC TIME!*
i try to get out and about every other day (dog helps, he takes me for walks)

a while ago, I reached a point of not being able to do employed work, job center recommended self employment (starting a wood-craft workshop). I jumped on fast-track business start-up course, blitz-ed a business plan, then had to drop out due to worsening depression.
my hopes and dreams of starting woodwork business went poof.

but now im left with a semi-functional workshop, and am mustering the strength to do about 10 mins work a day. it feels really great.
first project is a small, simple wooden box.

so yea. despite the continuous downward spiral, i still want to keep moving forward. i'm noticing patterns of Ups/Downs, periods of productivity and hopelessness. its something i can work with.
(often 2 week cycle. start high, end low)

I would like to hear your experience in working with/around depression & Anxiety?
how do you plan work schedules? (how flexible?)
have you been able to structure the work around supporting you? (in the past its often been the other way around for me)

very grateful for any advise or stories :)

many thanks

OK, i hope that this will be of some assistance - the approach here has proven to be of definite help for quite a few people in your situation. And, what is mentioned seems to be generally of benefit to help one get balanced out, calm and "motivated". First -- eat properly. Second--exercise properly and regularly -- plenty online about the benefits of cardio, etc. for uplifting one's mood, etc. Finally, do regular "energy work". Check out the links in *post #3 here*

The topic itself is not particularly on point, but the links are.

Get started and don't falter. Best of luck !!

P.S. I just noted that the below was in/on a tab on my browser. I have no idea how it got there -- really. Perhaps it's meant for you? (In any event it seems like an amazing site and i'll be reviewing it carefully)

Finally, especially if you are an "energy sensitive" -- try gazing at the grid below for a while. It has a frequency embedded in it for you that might help to raise your energy level and spirits a bit. If so, i guess you could print it out, somehow, and keep it handy....? (i'm not sure what the red color here is all about -- but, whatever - it also links to the above) Maybe, "they" really want you to see that link? :)

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