I'm not sure if it's a general indigo trait or not, but I know I love it. I take pleasure out of nothing in life so much as all the countries I've been able to visit and the amazing sights and experiences I continue to be able to enjoy. Far too many people get caught up in the grind of daily life and miss out on seeing this amazing world.

I want to travel the world and visit each country, but I know it won't happen. You'll need a lot of money to do that and it would take a long, long time to do so. Hopefully I'll be able to discover new places in the future though.

I find it extremely hard to be happy in 1 place, I've been all over Devon & most of Cornwall, I lived all over Hull, Beverley, Hereford, Newark (Nottingham) & I've been to Paris, Florida, Turkey & Spain .

All I want to do it travel it's part of my reason for being here but with all the tie downs in life I find it hard & I'm getting bored & miserable, so I started to study TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) so I can go to Thailand & Vietnam but I don't have the money or internet to complete my last 7 assignments but I have got my certificate for my practical though :)

I wish I could leave my house & get off benefits (As I lost my job recently) & just go & do it but how do you do that with no money, if I gave up my house I'd get 560 quid deposit back but how far does that go, I know it can go far but I don't drive so sleeping in a car is not an option & B&B's are expensive when u have no money & hostels in the UK isn't an option they're over full & too many people are homeless so I wouldn't do that, plus you have to prove you're from that place etc to get in to them but I wish I could do it.

Has anyone else done this I need advice.

lv chel
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